Oliva diabolica

dung di gnu!

Kay, un nude rosso, pigolato sotto un yak.

Comunicando con Danny sul telefono, circa quicktime archivia? Sembra avere bisogno degli archivi che è già ottenuto… eventualmente lui otterrà gli archivi più presto o più successivamente.

il lavoro è stato icky e Danny era fortunatamente domestico alleviare alcuna della mia noia:) Yay!

Desidero vedere un movie, ma tutte le pellicole che desidero vedere non sono fuori ancora. Pooties.

Evil olive

gnu dung!

Kay, a red nude, peeped under a yak.

Talking to Danny on the phone, about quicktime files. ? He seems to need files that he’s already got… hopefully he’ll get the files sooner or later.

work has been icky, and fortunately Danny was home to alleviate some of my boredom. 🙂 Yay!

I want to see a movie, but all the films I want to see aren’t out yet. Pooties.

May a mad tot dam a yam?

Watching poltergeist 2 on TNT when I should be in bed, having a sleep. Polished of today’s meals with 5 slices of pizza. was a piggy.

Newton is staring at the doorjam with great intensity… like he sees a bug or something, even though I can’t see anything. He’s a doofus.

Meeting a new RPG group on Saturday, at ~2pm. Everway. I hope it’s good, and not a stinky dork convention.

Current Mood – Tired / Burnt out
Current Smell – Pineapple pizza
Current look – White Ghi pants & a captain marvel t-shirt
current song in head- Rubber Buscuit, Blues Brothers
Current sound – whir of A/C, TV, clicking of keyboard

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