I voted…

And it seemed that I was approximately 1/2 to 1/3 the average voting age here. (and I’m 31)

Oddly, there was no line, and I felt the tumbling sagebrush vibe of a ghost town when I went in there. all told, maybe 15 people working the voting area, (maybe 15 more pamphleteering, so I assume those all voted…) and about 4 old old folks, between 60 and 90, doing the voting thing.

Not a solid breakdown of the region, either. I expected more folks my age, and more ethnic diversity. More folks in general. I’ll be interested in seeing how many turned out.

I’m a little disappointed…. but the upside is that my vote counts for more. 🙂

My name is scotto… I speak for the trees…

Icon Inspired by Sweetalyssm…

my work net went up and down in the afternoon, to finally die at about 5:40. bah. missed chatting with my dearest tonight. rats. At least I got a fix earlier on. Got to vote today….

Remember when voting, be a friend to the trees.
Encourage others to do likewise and please–
Remind them that each of us must play our part,
and we must take the words of the Once-ler to heart:

“UNLESS someone like you who cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Want the whole Lorax tale?

Papa Smurf!
Leader of the Smurf tribe, it was Papa Smurf’s duty to make decisions which kept the smurfs alive… it was ALSO his duty to impregnate Smurfette… come on, she called him papa!… give the guy some credit!… plus, find a better piece of smurf than that smurfette!… see all those smurfs… yup, he’s a fertile one!

Papa Smurf

  • 4 oz. Vodka
  • 8 oz. Red Kool-Aid
  • 1 Blue Popsicle (crushed)
  • Mix and chill vodka and kool-aid. Crush blue popsicle and add to
    mixture. The crushed popsicle should settle at the bottom of drink,
    making it appear as a blue layer at the bottom and a red layer on

    saw charlie’s angels. entertaining martial arts, some gratuitous T&A. good soundtrack, a lot of pointless moments in the movie, but silly and fun. under/mis use of bill murray, though he did a good job.

    my hero in the movie was crispin glover. what a great bad guy crony.

    many kicks, and a pleasant lack of foot to groin shots. way overused with girlpower movies.

    talked to my dearest one. She’s the smurfiest. I could eat her up with a spoon. yummy.

    One weekend left with Robbo. I’ll miss that guy… a good friend, and a nice fellow.

    going to see charlies angels tonight with Robbo… coffee and a movie. fun to talk and hang out. leaving in about an hour, so I should scrounge up a pbj for supper.

    Here’s a site you can visit, to help you decide who is the lesser of the evils… dirt on everyone.

    I hope I get to see my sweetie before bed tonight…. only got a brief fix of her today…

    Welcome to my wall scrawls.