Her eyes are the softest brown… her hair, vast cascading tresses of red…her skin, the most soft alabaster, accented by freckles adding to her magnificence, she has all the curves a man could ever want in a woman…full breasts, a soft tilt of spine… not to mention the most adorable toes… but what really drives me to distraction is her soul… she truly knows what’s right, and lives by it.. Her artistic side shows her sensitivity in her writing and her drawings… every day that I talk with her, I only careen more and more deeply into love… I didn’t know I could feel this way about anyone.

How did I find such a wonder? How did I manage to gain her love? It doesn’t matter… what I do know is that I love her with all my heart… I want her to be as happy and fulfilled as possible… She’s brought out a romantic side of me that I didn’t know I still had… I want more than anything else just to hold her… hibernate with her through the winter… Everything I do is colored by her presence, now, and I feel that makes things that much better all around. Thank you, beloved.


I’m only rooting for the Ravens for two reasons.

1. Edgar Allen Poe was an Idol of mine as a boy.

2. My girl is rooting for ’em. πŸ™‚

In more important news… Cartoon bowl was on yesterday, and Daffy Duck actually beat Bugs!! All right!:)

I actually am not watching the game… I figure the cool commercials will play after the game too, so neh.

Besides, I had bigger fish to fry. Got to talk to the lovely and delightful one… got my VAGG apparatus in gear, so I should start sending those in the mail tomorrow, at a rate of about 10 or so a day. I hope not too many of the VAGGies don’t wuss out on me… I’d like to get some hellos from all the niceys out there…

In the POE news…

Man sues for getting drunk while trying to get drunk
John Remley of Norwood wants more than $1 million after an ”all-you-can-drink” contest left him falling-down drunk.

Super Bowl Records
The NYpost has the criminal reports of 16 players for years Superbowl. I think your kid will be less likely to get into trouble playing violent videogames then he will if he joins organized sports – just no one wants to prove that in a study.

New Bill Aimed at Drunken Politicians
In a jab at a rival whom they suspect of drunkenness, three representatives in Puerto Rico’s Legislature have filed a bill aimed at preventing lawmakers from drinking on the job.

Stacked and Packed Woman Going Back to Jail
Crippen was arrested by federal agents last fall after they learned she had posed nude with weapons. Photographs taken by her boyfriend eventually landed on the Internet. The photos showed Crippen, who was still serving a sentence for distributing methamphetamine, wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet. After she was arrested, her prison term was reinstated.

I am sure she made G Gordon Liddy proud.

I’ll Give You $50 for that Kid’s Thymus Glands
The hospital at the centre of a row over organ retention has admitted for the first time that it gave glands from live children for research purposes in return for cash.
Liverpool’s Alder Hey Hospital has admitted taking the organs and giving them to a pharmaceutical company in return for cash donations.

Pat On Butt A-Okay!
Italy’s Supreme Court has decided that a little unexpected pat on the bottom at work does not amount to sexual harassment — as long as it’s only occasional.

Goat Sex Too Loud
Queenie Hollon is fed up with the commotion coming from her neighbor’s home every night, but it’s not a booming stereo or an all-night party keeping her awake. It’s her neighbor’s amorous goats.

Zero Tolerance Is Always Stupid
Dugan caught his 15-year-old son smoking marijuana at home last week, took away TV and phone privileges, then called Buckeye High School to help catch the student who sold his boy a $5 joint.
Instead of helping, the school expelled the student and refused to take action against the dealer. School admins were just following their own rules – The no Narc Rules?

Is Anyone Leaving Now that Bush was Elected?
After threatening to expatriate themselves if Bush won the election, most would-be celebrity defectors put the back pedal to the metal.
Can someone please find a reason for Eddie Vedder to leave already? Alors, oΓΉ est tout le monde maintenant?

I got a wonderful letter from the girl I love last night. To hold something physical for hers sealed with a kiss, filled me with so much happiness and joy I was literally stunned for a few moments, standing in front of the mailbox, just savoring it. I’ve already read and reread it about 10 times… I don’t think that she knows how deeply she can affect me. I sampled every aspect of the card, sniffing, analyzing the handwriting, the design on the front, the content of the words… I’m so in love with her that it blots out everything else, like the roar of the ocean during a hurricane. The correspondence means so much to me that I can’t fairly quantify it. This is the first physical gift, a wonderful treasure that I can keep by my side.. I held it close to my heart before going to sleep last night, to feel her embrace.

Thank you again, my beloved. You’ve brightened things so much with each thing that you do.

Welcome to my wall scrawls.