Me and my brother, ages 15 and 12, respectively

Remembering a time when I was younger…. There were spans of time when he and I would do all sorts of things together… We played land of the lost in a mall near our house that was being built… always pretended to be sleestaks… the hissing lizard men who tormented the lost humans.


Plastic Tupperware
Containing body fragments
Buried on campus

Paula Cole asks me
“Where have all the cowboys gone?”
I sent them away.

Reaching the center.
How many licks does it take?
You will never know.

My moon-based Death Ray
Panics the people of Earth.
Mock my theories now.

Three Rings for the Elves
Seven for the groovy Dwarves
Nine for Mortal Men

you are being watched
your every move recorded
Big Brother loves you

I’ve been drinking water all day long. I think I’ve processed approximately a gallon completely, and about a gallon is still in my system. woo.

I’m going to try and stick with water only as a beverage… see what happens.

Is it me, or has the Simpsons not all that funny anymore? I’ve been watching it a little recently… and the last three Sunday night shows have been *really* weak. Either I’ve grown too far from it’s humor, or the humor it had just isn’t there anymore. The writing seems very weak to me…

On a similar note… can we go back to one cartoon network? Or, can I get both? I like power puff girls just fine, but I Want to see some Herculoids, classic speed racer… All the cartoon network ever seems to show is its own hubbub. Has anyone come out with a ‘Hong Kong action’ network yet? I think it’d fit well with the ‘romance’ ‘western’ ‘mystery’ ‘sci fi’ themes… Sometimes I just want to see some guys hopping around muttering…”You killed the master, Drunken Tiger scorpion style!!” Hyah!

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