Assorted aches & pains –

  • Headache, mild
  • Backache, strong
  • Diana pain in the tail, strong
  • Very Drowsey

Good Stuff

  • Happy For Chris
  • Going on an interview tomorrow, myself
  • Tomorrow’s Friday
  • Going to bed early tonight
  • Got much writing done
  • Took my walk this morning
  • I’m in Love
  • Newton!

I’m still ahead! 🙂

Rowlf sings…


You and I and George

Now here’s one of my very favorite songs
It’s a romantic little
song called you and I and George
I don’t know that George’s name was
Actually George
well George came to a very untimely end
somewhere before bar thirteen


You and I and george
were strolling through the park one day
and then you held my hand
as if to say
I love you
we came to a brook
and George fell in and drowned himself
and floated out to sea
leaving you alone with me

Welcome to my wall scrawls.