Zircon Smash.

Well, I suppose I should welcome a new friend Zircon to the mix. 😛 Even though sometimes his brutish, rock-eating behavior can be a peeve, deep in his heart he’s truly a good guy, and a loyal pal. Welcome aboard, Zircy! This link is for him, and for anyone else who likes goofy rubber monsters.


Scott feels sort of trollish today. (Headache, and light sensitive)

(from encarta)
Troll, in Scandinavian mythology, a powerful giant that was an enemy of humans. Trolls lived in caves or in castles on hilltops, robbing and eating any travelers foolish enough to stray into their domain after dark. Huge, hard-skinned, and virtually indestructible, they could only be vanquished by sunlight, which would either turn them to stone or make them explode.

In later folklore, trolls were less awesome and malevolent. They committed specific acts of malice, such as stealing maidens, and also began to develop semimagical powers such as prophecy and shape-shifting. Outside Scandinavia trolls began to be associated with stories of the so-called little people who lived in mounds on the outer limits of cultivated land and performed acts of mischief.

Wondering. if I had one super-power, which one would I pick?

Silly things that the coming Xmen movie brings out.

Maybe the power to turn invisible? Walk Through walls? Just be invulnerable? Fly?

I think I’d like Plasticman type abilities. Change shape, you can slide through a keyhole, look like a couch, bounce bullets off you… bounce down the street like a ball… all sorts of good stuff. Impersonate famous people!


This morning I get up late. (nice long snooze. felt good…it was needed.) I wake up about 11ish, and notice April is still in the house. She’s not interested in going out to get something to eat, instead opts to drop $16 on a bucket of delivered chicken and a 2 liter of soda. (Mind you, she only has a couple of bucks socked away to find another apartment, pay bay $0 to her old roomies, etc.) To add insult to injury, after getting out of the shower this morning, I went through my posckets to gather my cash together. It wasn’t there. Upset, I begin to dig through my laundry basket, on the off-chance that it fell out of my pocket. No dice. Visibly irritated, I plop down on thne floor, and begin to go through all my stuff inch by inch until I can dig up my money. The first thing I do is check all the pockets of all the clothes in the basket, including my Khaki’s agin, on the off chance I missed it the first time. April asks what’s going on, and I tell her that some how my money has magically vanished from my clothes-pockets. She asks if I maybe left it at work, but that’s impossible as I took a cab home last night, and had to pay the guy. Getting more angry by the moment, I start to go through things. again. She offers to help, and I tell her no thanks, unless she can find something that’s not there. while my back is to her, she asks where I had it last, and I tell her again, that it was in my khakis, and she reccomends that I look again. I tell her that it would be pointless, as I’ve looked twice already. I look anyway, and lo and behold! My money is there. I confront her, and ask “Did you take it and put it back? Just tell me the truth” she denies it, and gets angry, and goes to take a shower. In the meantime, I’m really mad. If anyone asks me for money, I give it, freely, and don’t worry about it’s return. I figure this is the third “BIG LIE” I’ve caught her in, the first two being about job hunting, and not going through my stuff, not to mention the high probability of her going to the school the other day being a lie, just due to her being home so early. As I left for work, she was straightening up her things, and I hope that it means that she’s going to be gone when I get home. (Ideally, only her things will be gone, as I have the numbers of her parents, ex-roomies, boss, and so on in my palm, and on the computer. God help her if she rips me off. I’m still angry, but I think I’ll feel lots better if I get home and there’s nobody there. I’m going to call my buddy up now and see about changing locks, etc.

My Brother’s coming into town!!!


I haven’t seen him since last Thanksgiving, and he’s finally moving back to Florida after living in Hawaii for the last 5 years. (Before thanksgiving, the last time I saw him was when he was leaving.) I just wired him some $$$ to get a few last things together to go, so he should be coming into town before the weekend is here! Yayyy! Now I really need to Boot April out of my pad, so that he can stay at my place for a little while. (Downside is that he’s allergic to my little pal Newton… Dagnabbit!) We’ll have to see where it decides to go, but it’ll be fun. As a quick descripter of my bro – My height, maybe a little taller, (6’6″) and he’s on the lean side, as he surfs daily.


I had something else to say tonight
but all the words
just ran out of me

i stood there, naked,
and watched the last ones
flow from my lips
and leave laughing

while it is a relief
to not have the multitudes
pressing at the gate,
i wonder where I will find more
since I don’t know
where they came from to begin with

the ones that were in me
still circle me
and mock me
and light my way down

someday i’ll say something apropos,
something sensitive and intelligent
about it all

but first I have to get some more
of those wonderful words

Welcome to my wall scrawls.