Played AOK with Sweetalyssm today, and learned quite a lot of helpful tips on how to develop in there (and how to be destroyed by a rampaging brigade of elephants. note to self, make lots of priests, and convert the enemy. it’s faster that trying to fight ’em) Now I just have to figure out good counter groups.

Had a delightfully long conversation with my sweetie. Her voice is beautiful, musical, and soothing. Smart girl, too, and fun. we read together a classic bit of literature…and had a grand time Reading it like pirates to boot. Arr, matey. 🙂

Keen crows in japan that can drop nuts on the road to have cars run them over, and fly down when the light changes to eat the meat inside. neat documentary on PBS

Just watched a betty boop cartoon, starring Popeye! weird!

Got to see Robbo tonight after all! hooray! We went to Denny’s and talked, I had cherry pie ala mode with my fave coffee. (pie coffee for me is black, double sweet. I felt like Agent cooper, in a South Florida version of twin peaks.)

He’s blowing out of here on Wednesday-ish. Very sad, but I’m super happy he’s going to Seattle, as it’s a great step for him… been talking about it for as long as I’ve known him. 🙂 It’s odd, we didn’t get to be good friends until after everyone else left, really.

I present 5 fun facts about Robbo. (some reasons I like him)

1. We share the same birthday, February 2. Groundhogs Day, Candlemas, Imbolc, and very close to the Chinese new year, depending, and fat Tuesday. (Of course, I was born like 6 years ahead of him… weird generation gappy stuff, which makes things fun to talk about, like late 70’s.)

2. He’s the least egotistical computer guy I know. Not a braggart. A fine quality in someone competent.(or someone incompetent, for that matter… but Robbo knows what he’s doing.)

3. A fine eclectic Taste in media. Music, movies and books are all open, and he can appreciate most all of them. a co-fan of They might be giants, soul coughing, cat power, and prairie home companion.

4. A very similar world view to my own. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing all the way, or not at all”. (scaled down a mite, to balance with reality, and personal comfort zones) can lead to a little trouble, but I think is a good motto. Went through some of the same things I did, but later. I feel that of my pals that’ve moved away, we’ll stay in touch. Might get lazy about it, but I don’t see it breaking off completely, like the others who have moved out of state. His sense of style is different than mine, I prefer a clunky but functional thing, he likes pretty and maybe less functional. (or more expensive and neater abilities, while I like Spartan and ‘does what I need’)

5. Just a swell guy. I’ve only really seen him angry once, and even then, he was pretty cool about it. For knowing him about a year and a half, that’s a good track record. Had some great conversations with him over coffee, observations, and interesting things about people, and why they act the way they do. He’s the type of guy that instead of getting road rage, is likely to want to pull a bad driver over in front of him, and just ask them what they were thinking. (in this day of dangerous psychos on the road, he doesn’t of course, so he’s destined to just be curious, and we speculate.)

Well, time for me to go to bed. Work tomorrow! (I hope. I still don’t know why the locks were changed on Saturday.)

found by way of jennylee!

Ok… I couldn’t blow us all up. I didn’t have the moxie. I did, however use my special bee-powers to travel back in time and lobotomise destroll, before he killed me. In other news, Jennylee found this keen test! I can’t believe she’s grinchier than I am.

I scored a 5!

Pack your bags for a Whoville holiday! You’ll spend 4 days and 5 nights donned in a plush red and green faux-fur lined coat and a funky cool hat! Visit the world’s largest Christmas Tree and bathe in yuletide cheer as Whoville residents welcome you into their loving holiday sing-song circle…we know you’re really just in it for the gifts.

Grinch test.

more tree music by rush.

(Words and Music by Geddy Lee and Neil Peart)

Sunlight dances through the leaves
Soft winds stir the sighing trees
Lying in the warm grass
Feel the sun upon your face
Elven songs and endless nights
Sweet wine and soft relaxing lights
Time will never touch you
Here in this enchanted place

You feel there’s something calling
you You’re wanting to return
To where the Misty Mountains rise
and friendly fires burn
A place you can escape the world
Where the dark lord cannot go
Peace of mind and sanctuary by loud
water’s flow

I’ve traveled now for many miles
It feels so good to see the smiles
of Friends who never left your mind
When you were far away
From the golden light of coming dawn
Till the twilight where the sun is gone
We treasure every season
And every passing day

We feel the coming of a new day
Darkness gives way to light a new way
Stop here for a while until the world,
The world calls you away
Yet you know I’ve had the feeling
Standing with my senses reeling
This is the place to grow old till
I reach my final day


Saw Robbo… had a nice time, got home tardy because we couldn’t find a parking space… 😛 so, instead we opted for me to pick up a VCR … found a great little cheapie for $70! works great, plays, records… nifty. It works well too.. last time I bought a VCR it was $300… this one has a zillion more functions… very cool. and no flashing time, it’s integrated into the on-screen. very Spartan, and works fine with the universal remote. (even came with one of it’s own, but the VCR’s didn’t recognize the TV. ) Just in time to start recording red dwarf from first season, and the kids in the hall marathon. 🙂 Contemplating a TV card for the computer now, and not worrying about a DVD player until I *need* something that’s only available on DVD. Had a great iced chai and game of checkers while waiting for the movie… Slaughtered Robb. Swung by work on the way home, to pick up a CD and couldn’t, as they’d changed the locks!! I hope that doesn’t spell trouble for Monday. gave me a freaky vibe.

Here’s the song I used to get “who let the dogs out” out of my head today… a classic.

Rush / The Trees

There is unrest in the forest
There is trouble with the trees
For the maples want more sunlight
And the oaks ignore their pleas

The trouble with the maples
And they’re quite convinced the’re right
They say the oaks are just too lofty
And they grab up all the light

But the oaks can’t help their feelings
If they like the way they’re made
And they wonder why the maples
Can’t be happy in their shade

There is trouble in the forest
And the creatures all have fled
As the maples scream “Oppression!”
And the oaks just shake their heads

So the maples formed a union
And demanded equal rights
The oaks are just too greedy
We will make them give us light

Now there’s no more oak oppression
For they passed a noble law
And the trees are all kept equal
By hatchet, axe, and saw

A thought.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have no shortage of faults. But if I had to pick one, the one that’s gotten me into the most trouble over the years…

…it would be that sometimes I get angry.

And when I get angry, I sometimes do stupid things.

I’ve been reading some of my old print journal… especially from 91-ish. I was very angry much of that year. Holy cow. I was wound up and pissy at everyone. I hardly recognize certain thoughts.

There’s also an entry, I’d forgotten all about. synchronicity. I’ve had black cats and frogs on the brain, and here’s something from 1994.

Frogs, like snakes, scorpions, ravens, and black cats are traditionally considered harbingers of doom, witnessed by the following tale.


On a day when little water was to be found, Man spent awhile in thought and realized that he might one day die, never to rise again. Man sent Dog to God to ask that he might come back to life again, like the flowering plant, after death.

Dog went off and followed his nose to God. He was soon distracted by the smell of soup, and followed his hunger toward the source. Leaning close to watch it boil, Dog was content and forgot his mission.

Seeing that Dog was lost, Frog took it upon himself to go to God and tell him that man did not want to live again. If Man were to be reborn, thought Frog, he would soon muddy the rivers and destroy the birthplaces of frogs.

Dog finally arrived to tell God Man’s message. Leaning low, he crooned Man’s need for rebirth in the song of a howl. God was touched by the devotion of Dog for Man.

But God granted Frog’s wish, because he got there first.

Welcome to my wall scrawls.