t minus 1.75 hours and counting

going to the study tonight, getting a little more nervous. *must think happy thoughts* got one.

Going to get a blueberry muffin from the vend-o-mat and have it for a tasty before beddybye snack.

Cider thinks she’s going to dupe me into a false sense of security, by pretending she fears my word knowledge. feh. She does debate for fun. She’s a girl in a tech field. She wears glasses and is a self-proclaimed klutz. I know a brainiac when I see one (even if aforementioned brainiac is a vision of unequalled wit and can wear a wonder woman costume in public. We all know that those gals from paradise island are all frickin’ computo-brain propellerhead smarties.)

We shall see. indeed, we shall.

words that describe my current mindset.


in that order.

Just slurped down a tasty cherry slushie. I wish takeout made grilled cheese.

I’m sad that nobody wants to play email scrabble with me. 🙁

I’m happy that I’ve been fed. 🙂

I’m surprised that I’ve formed a crush already. Silly Scotto. Gives me something to think about, though. 🙂 or :0

I wonder how Newt’s going to deal with me heading out to the sleep study after work… It’ll get dark and light without me coming home.

I’m flattered that I’ve gotten so many new friends the last week or so… I don’t know if it’s interests or random, but It’s pretty spiff.

from the spark’s personality test (thanks Cider!)

(Dominant Introvert Abstract Feeler )

Like just 2% of the population you are an ARTIST (DIAF)–creative, adventurous, and deep. Although you are an introvert, your dominant ideas lead you to assert yourself often–especially through your work. You actively put your creativity to constructive use, and because you are ruled by your heart you are less likely to be inhibited by logic.

You have an intuitive understanding of emotion and know how evoke it in others, but the real world can be a prison of foolishness and embarrassment if you don’t get your head out of the clouds a little more. Also, you are 87% likely to write poetry. Please, for the love of God, stop now.

my reincarnation test.


You will be pleased to know that in your former life you were a turtle named Gifford. Details about your life are a bit sketchy, but what follows is a brief summary, based on public records. You were born in a small pond near the side of a saloon. Despite an exceptionally athletic father, you seemed to prefer sunbathing and mudbaths to more active pursuits. Your favorite color was never green, contrary to rumor, but actually blue. Few people knew that you were a talented poet, but most of your work was destroyed during a flashflood that swept away not only your library, but your entire community. You had the pluck to survive, and lived a happy and charmed life with your wife Melinda and your twenty offspring.

things I would sacrifice in order to survive, in order of first to last –

according to emode

Cow = Basic Needs
Lion = Pride
Sheep = Friendship
Horse = Your Passion
Monkey = Your Children

I’m not sure… I think I’m more likely to give up pride over basic needs, but unknown?

my color- via emode

BROWN is a credible and stable color. Reminiscent of fine wood, rich leather, and wistful melancholy, brown is the color of academia. Most likely, you are a logical and pragmatic individual who is ruled more by your head than your heart. You have an inquisitive mind and an insatiable curiosity. Browns are great problem solvers. They gather all of the facts before coming to a timely and informed decision. You are intrigued easily and always find new ways to challenge your mind. Brown is an impartial and neutral color. Most likely, you know the difference between fact and opinion, and are open to many points of view.

Why scotto wants to correct his apnea.

1. – it might get rid of my migraines.
2. – I won’t be as tired
3. – less risk of stroke and high blood pressure
4- might actually lose weight
5-increase cognitive function. get the brain working more!

Even after using CPAP for an average of only four hours a night, patients are more alert, with improvements in memory, mood, concentration, and health. A 1997 study indicated that CPAP therapy may even reduce the risks of motor vehicle and domestic and work-related accidents associated with sleepiness. Improvement even in serious conditions such as hypertension and heart failure have been observed, although there are no well-designed studies as yet to indicate if any of these devices reduce heart problems or other disorders associated with sleep apnea.

gotta do it, no matter how stupid the thing looks/ feels, I guess

Going in for my next sleep study tomorrow night. Bah. Humbug, but good hooray, too.

Cpap mask will be on, they say it’s like sleeping in a wind tunnel.

Finally got insurance approval for another test, so hopefully, after this one, I’ll know if I can go under the knife and get patched up.

I’m not nervous, I just want to get it over with.

Well, went to the zoo today, and had a fun time. Took Robb along, as well as the Everway crew, sadly I did not manage to catch up with Dave, Cathi or Little Bro. Ideally, that’ll happen Tuesday night.

Had some lovely spaghetti for supper, and a cheese enchilada, rice & beans for lunch, much water, some sprite.

I cross-pollinated friends pretty successfully, I think. Robb Liked them, and I think they liked him, too. Whee! I love decompartmentalising folk.

after Zoo, hung out at the place, watched some Daria. The show has gone downhill since I’d last seen it (about 2 years ago) Not as funny, and was dealing with trust and friendship issues that I’m not over fond of.

I saw bats and frogs, said Hi to them for Mely. They were polite, but not as cool as the weird blue birds that were lurking around. I have no idea what sort of bird they were, but boxy, and had wacky single long feather Mohawk strands hanging down.

Many Many Flamingos.

*huge* tortoises, like 4 feet long, and about 500 lbs. You could pet ”em, and they were hug-worthy.

Welcome to my wall scrawls.