Playing Catchup!

Well, last night, I went with buddy Dan to see X-Men. (my 2nd time, his first), since I got out of the job early, I actually was able to do some socializing tonight… got an offer to see the patriot with Robby & Co, but I’ve already seen it a few times, anyhow, and wasn’t up to another 3 hour extravaganza. A shame, really, because I’d hav eliked to see the gang… but they’d have been in the dark, and shtum the whole time, too.

I was bad yesterday foodwise. Before going to see the movie, Danny & I went to Hops, my first time there, even though it’s pretty close to the house & the theatre. I got 2 alligator ales, a local microbrew which was tasty and not too bitter. With that, I got an order of Jalapeno poppers and a baked potato with chives, sour cream, and butter. Yum. Fattening, but yum. For lunch, I had 2 slices of cheese pizza from Pizza Hut (Sorry hungry howies, they ordered it from work. Upside, if I had gotten it from HH, I’d have had more than 2 slices.) I drank a total of 12 liters of water, and I think I absorbed almost all of it. It’s odd, but 2 beers can make me want to pee, but that much water is shrugged off, for the most part. Of course, I was sweating profusely during my walk this morning, so I’m guessing that’s where it ran off to.

got back on schedule, walked my 5 mile walk, after missing it yesterday.

I suspect ol’ April’s reading my journal, not that I mind, terribly. Either her, or Newton’s surfing the net when I’m not home. 🙂

Neato beditio

Brad, you’ve outdone yourself! the new proggie is spiffy-keen.

Any of you folks that haven’t gotten the new windows proggie, please to get it!

now, on with our Story!

When last we saw super-grover… Uh, wait, wrong story.

Anyhow. I work the next week or so from noon to 8 instead of from 4 to midnight. It should improve my social standing, at least for a bit. 🙂 I get out early tonight, and I think I’m going to hook up with pal Danny, and go see some movie… I don’t know what’s left to see!

Still haven’t caught Me, Myself, & Irene or gone in 60 sec. I don’t know if I want ot see the Kid.

Nothing this week really appeals to me, not even the Harrison Ford thing. I wish Hollow man opened Today. Or Even Thomas the Tank Engine. Hmm… I’ve not seen Rocky and Bullwinkle yet… I hear it’s stinky, but I’m a fan of the old school stuff. I’m not up for another 3 hour movie, but Sunshine looks neat, too. I look forard to seeing how the mood & music settings fit.


Well at 8:30 I had a tasty dinner… (much fat)

Cheese tortellini alfredo (oh, how yummy is that? veryveryvery)

a side salad that was surprisingly good, with vinagrette dressing.

3 diet cokes *burp*

and for dessert, a systems crash! D’oh. Silly network.

I’m going to mimic what malam’s doing, and keep track of my food intake… at least for a wee while.

Today at ~2:30p I had a diet coke, veggies & swiss sandwich w/ bbq sauce, a small handful of corn chips and about a 1/2 cup of bean salad. Dessert was a milky way bite. ~ 6 liters of water over the course of the day.

Well, one month until April is gone.

Well, one month until April is gone. I suspect that it will be the end of all communications between us, and that I’m a dingaling for letting her stick around so long. Her existance in my apartment is cramping my style quite a bit, and causing me undue amounts of stress. Taking it as well as can be expected, and making some (maybe not my every) effort to make things run smoothly until then. Weirdly, now that I’m available again, my driver-pal Suzy is being much friendlier and is acting as a pleasant ear to bend when I want to talk about whatever. I imagine she’s interested in dating, but I’m not even going to think about that sort of thing until after April is out of the apartment (which might be causing some of the stress, now that I reflect on it) . Why I’m allowing April to remain in my place for so long is still a mystery to me… Now that I know she has a place to go, I’m not so worried about giving her the boot. Sakes, I’m going to stop typing about it because it’s just irritating me.

**New Topic**

I finished the first Harry Potter book, and it was cute (downloaded the text files for the first 3 into my palm pilot, to give me something to read during my longer walks, bus rides, lines, and whatnot.) It was cute, pretty entertaining, and I would reccomend it to most readers as good young adult fantasy, not as good in my opinion as Narnia or Middle-earth books, but beats most other fantasy with a big blunt club. I’m exactly 4% into the 2nd book, and it looks to be as solid as the first so far. (I love reading on the palm, and the fact that gnutella lets me download all manner of books gratis.) I haven’t seen the 4th book out there yet for download, but I imagine that by the time I get to reading it (I’m alternating Harry Potter with Middle Earth, in prep for the coming movies), it should be available. It’s odd, but I can’t recall the last time I paid for a book, between the library or freetext, I think I only get books of text for others for holidays like christmas, Birthdays whathaveyou, and recieve them for same.

Why don’t more people go to the library? I figure if I read a book, and want it to read again, then I’ll go back to the library and get it… If I know I’ll want to keep it (Like for about a dozen books I read, and reread over the years) I’ll buy ’em, or ask for ’em for my b’day. How many folks out there have books that they read over and over, I wonder?

Here’s mine.

The main Middle Earth books, (Hobbit & the big 3)
The Bible (KJV)
The Apocrypha
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, and some of his other works too.
The Elder Eddas (Norwegian Folklore)
Grimm’s Fairy Tales (The *BIG* honking book. It’s like 1000 pages, and each story is between 1/2 page and 20 pages long.)
Godel Escher Bach (recently added to the rotation, only read it about 3 times, so far)
Dandilion Wine by Ray Bradbury
The Collected Mark Twain

I know I’m forgetting one or two. The Tao of Pooh comes to mind, I’m overdue reading that. and there’s a few others that I’ll trip over here and there and reread, like my Doc Savage books, or silly comic book digests.

*phew* That’s enough for me for now. See you kids later.

Anything goes in.
Anything goes out!
Fish, bananas, old bananas,
Mutton! Beef! and Trout!
Anything goes in.
Anything goes out.

Anything goes in.
Anything goes out!
Fish, bananas, old bananas,
Mutton! Beef! and Trout!
Anything goes in.
Anything goes out.


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