Hardened Pasta… great, as long as you don’t eat it.

Hardened Cheddar Lasagna

4 tubes epoxy resin
4 12 Oz. blocks Cheddar Cheese
4 12 Oz. blocks Mozzarella
2 Tsp. fresh chives
1 lb. meat of your choice (I use soy)
2 boxes dried lasagna noodles
1 box Prego powdered Pasta Sauce

This is another one that takes a little time, so plan ahead!

First, set aside about six hours to grate your 8 blocks of cheese. DO NOT buy pre-shredded cheese. That’s cheating. Once you have the cheese finely shredded, pile it into your ChefMaster Cheese Compressor. Turn it on.

After 20 minutes or so, the compressor will have formed the shredded cheese back into neat blocks, just the way you bought it. Lay them into your lasagna dish.

Next, layer your UNCOOKED noodles, powdered sauce, and meat over the cheese. Meld the ingredients together using the epoxy. The uncooked lasagna should now be about four inches high. Using a second pan, smash the ingredients into a dense layer about one inch thick. Remember: with this recipe, DENSITY IS THE KEY.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Now, we want to give the flavors a chance to blend before we cook our lasagna. Let the lasagna sit on the counter uncovered for five years.

Now, check your oven to be sure you have reached the ideal temperature of 350, then pop the lasagna in for 45 minutes. Remove the lasagna, and cool it quickly by placing it in your CookWell Centrifuge. Spin it at 8,000 RPM’s for 30 minutes, or until cool. Be careful! Those edges are sharp!

Next, you’ll need to discourage your lasagna. Shout hateful insults at it for 15-20 minutes, at the top of your voice. Then give it a good, long stare. Try to stare at your lasagna in complete silence for at least two hours.

As an optional step, you can decorate the top of your lasagna with a blowtorch, or serve it immediately. The lasagna, which now has a density approximately 150% greater than titanium, can be used as a super-durable welcome mat, or hung around your neck as a bullet-proof vest.


Scotto joins in on the questionnaire hubbub.

Do you wish on stars? Yup.

Which finger is your fave finger? Thumbs are great. (If they don’t count, the pointer.)

When did you last cry? Last Monday.

If you were making a movie about yourself, who would play you? Richard Moll, or maybe that Grizzly Adams guy.

Do you like your handwriting? It is adequate.

Who are you jealous of? Dilettants

What is your favorite lunch meat? cheese 🙂

Any bad habits? Addicted to LJ. Too giving to people who take advantage. Gossip.

Would you be friends with you? Yes, although I don’t think I’d room with me.

Are you a daredevil? nope. although I’ll rise to many occasions.

Do you follow or lead? Lead, if one is needed. (Doesn’t anyone else have a preferece for lunch, movies, or places to go?)

Have you ever told a secret you swore you wouldn’t tell? No. But I would if there were extenuating circumstances (Life or death, etc)

Have you ever stolen anything? As a child, I was a filcher until about age 8. Nowadays, I do use napster, if you count that. I call it radio.

Do you pray? I meditate.

What do you do to vent anger? Write, complain, consult a rich fantasy life, Punch the living daylights out of an erect mattress, walk.

Are you passive or aggressive? Agressive, except for dealing with business partners.

Who do you look up to? Ben Franklin, my buddy Kevin, Rick Overton.

Who is your second family? Dave & Cathi, Kevin, Karen, and Danny.

What was your favorite toy as a child? Security Blanket, army men.

Do you like sappy love songs? Oh yeah.

Have you ever been on radio or television? TV, was in a promotional ‘donate blood’ spot.

Do you have a journal? self explanitory.

Have you ever been intentionally hurt by another person? Yes. More than once.

Have you ever intentionally hurt another person? Yes, but it was for the best.

Have you ever been in a mosh pit? Yes, but not going back.

Do you feel understood most of the time? Yes. I could be mistaken though. 🙂

Would you rather have a sore throat or an upset stomach? no thank you. (seriously, I’d refer a sore throat)

Have you thought seriously about committing suicide? No.

Would you ever skydive? Yes, but I’d research the company and trainers to a fault.

Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off? Nope!

Have you ever given money to a bum? yes, more often food.

What are you worried about right now? nothing, really. first thing to come to mind? Homeless people, hungry children.

Do you think you are strong? Yes.

What’s your favorite scent? lots and lots. I like baking bread, pine trees, Newton, especially, but I’m really quite variable on this point.


Wacky day yesterday… was at work until about 2am, but I enjoyed it. interesting puzzles to solve, and I was entertained throughout the evening. Just a FYI. There is no such thing as ‘political Rate’ mailings in the USA anymore. I researched that for a good 5 hours yesterday on my own time. Ack. The downside of working when the Post Office is closed, and with it the help desk.

What did I eat yesterday? I forget. Chinese tofu somesuch, not memorable. More spicy stuff next time.

I wonder how many folks out there(in here?) write for other folks besides themselves. Some journals are pure entertainment for me, and others seem to be more of a logbok of ‘I had a foot cramp today’.

I personally do a mix, now that I know people are out there reading it, but it’s mostly for my own enjoyment. (As any hobby should be, I feel. if it was work, I’d try to get paid to do it.)

Does burger king always smell bad? the guys at work brought it in, and its gross. Like it was predigested. peeyew.

Today’s food, cherry slushie, half-eaten onion rings,(before being grossesd out by the aroma.)

Burger King an appetite suppressant? Who knew?

No good toys, either. Nutbunnies.


Honest question. Am I wrong to take interests form another person’s listing, if it’s something I enjoy too? I got the following letter today, and below is my reply.

Hello Scott.
I was looking at people who matched my interests today, and couldn’t help
notice you have 84 of my 121 matching you. Now I put a lot of time and
thought into my interests, and while I’m flattered that you added some of
mine to your list, you kind of took away anything that made me original. I
put a great deal of thought into my into my interests page and made sure I
had a lot of things listed that no one else had. I felt that said something
about my creativity. Things like: Abbie Hoffman, Allen Ginsberg, beach glass,
blowing bubbles, criminal psychology, cult classics, comforters, flora,
forensics, hemp products, hugging and kissing, and soft fuzzy things. Those
were the ones that were just mine, I didn’t copy down the ones that only had
one or two others.
Now if you wanted more things on your interests list, some ideas I’d give you
would be do a random search for people and look at their lists, or go through
your friends interests, and take one or two things from each of their lists.
But you did copy quite a lot of things from mine, and things that I phrased
so as I would be the only one, you now appear on to. I’m not mad, but maybe
if you rephrased them, it would make you just as happy, without you seeming
like a follower.

my response-

It wasn’t my intent to detract from your originality or sense of being
unique, those are acutally things I enjoy. Honestly, No harm was meant. I
farmed around and picked up some higgledy piggledy. For what it’s worth,
blowing bubbles, forensics, and numerous others were on my list well before
seeing yours. As the interests idea was primarily to find people of similar
‘interests’ I figured that keeping the wording the same would make the
search for like minds simpler…not trying to be a follower, but more of
keeping the index consistant. If you’d like something more along a ‘one of a
kind’ vein, perhaps the bio or the journal itself would be more expressive
for your needs?

If it causes you anger or any sort of stress, I’ll be happy to remove like
entries on the list, or if you have some especially personal ones, I’ll
remove just those.

Let me know, and I’ll do what’ll make you most comfortable.

So, was I wrong to bow in, or perhaps I’m not doing enough? I didn’t see any kind of problem until it was brought to my attention.

::shrug:: I’m going to wait and see.

MMmm. Muppety.

“Can You Picture That”
(Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem)

Everybody’s brother, everybody’s lover, I wanna be your lifetime friend.
Crazy as a rocket, nothin in my pocket, I keep it at the rainbow’s end.
I never think of money, I think of milk ‘n honey, grinnin like a cheshire cat.
I focus on the pleasure, somethin I can treasure, can you picture that?

(Dr. Teeth: Floyd, Pick a verse!)

Let me take your picture, add it to the mixture, there it is I got you now!
Really nothin to it, anyone can do it, it’s easy and we all know how.
Now begins the changin, mental rearrangin, nothing’s really where it’s at,
(Teeth) Now the Eiffel Tower’s holdin up a flower. Can you picture that?

Fact is there’s nothin out there you can’t do
Yeah, even Santa Claus believes in you.
Beat down the walls, begin, believe, behold, begat.
Be a better drummer, be an up and comer. Can you picture that?

All of us are winnin, pickin and a-grinnin, Lordy but I love to jam
Jelly-belly gigglin, dancin and a-wigglin, honey that’s the way I am!
Lost my heart in Texas, Northern lights affect us, I keep it underneath my hat,
Aurora Borealis, shinin down on Dallas! Can you picture that? horhh

Can you picture? You gotta see it in your mind!
Can you picture? You know it’s quick and easy to find!
Can you picture? You don’t have to buy a frame!
Can you picture? Can you picture that?
Can you picture that?

Use it if you need it, don’t forget to feed it!
Can you picture that?

(Oh wow, can you get behind it? Fer shure, reeeally!)

Welcome to my wall scrawls.