Hmm… Scotto worked much better than Scott. cool. I like to think that this is pretty accurate. only thing off is that I try my dangdest to follow up on promises.

The name of Scotto creates a very likable easy going and good-natured personality with a love for people. You will do anything to avoid friction among others. You could have musical or artistic talents but find it difficult to concentrate your efforts in one area long enough to accomplish anything. Spontaneous, happy-go-lucky, and expressive yourself, you like to see people happy and go out of your way to create harmony amongst them. You find it difficult to discipline your desires and emotional feelings. Too idealistic and impractical through the use of this name, you would not find it easy to make a success in the business world. You are inclined to procrastinate and let things slide and to make promises that you find difficult to fulfil although you have the best of intentions. Your health would be affected through the fluid functions, liver trouble, or a weak back.


Military money goes for all kinds of strange things. I always thought they should try to have more fun with it. Like maybe they could give out tricky joke gifts when the men get promoted. The drill sargeant would march out and get everyone lined up. Then he would start screaming at the top of his lungs.
“Men! You are the most highly trained! And deadly! Soldiers in the world! You! Are unmatched in combat efficiency! You can kill a man with your ass in five seconds! Now! You men have proven your worth to your God! And! To your country! Stand easy! And receive your can of pea-nuts!!! Now, men! They sound half full! That is due to settling during shipping! You men are trained to deal with this! Gentlemen! Open! Your! Cans!!!”

Then, when the highly trained deadly soldiers open their (supposed) cans of peanuts, they are surprised to find out that instead of delicous nuts, the cans are bursting with springy snakes!

“You men! Are very funny! You should! Have seen your faces! Ha! Ha! Those were not peanuts! But snakes! They were however! Nutty like peanuts! Ha! Ha!”

If word got out that there were snakes in the peanut cans, they could switch the prank to gum that turns their mouths blue, or cigars that explode. And filming events like this would be a much more effective military recruitment video than a bunch of sailors mopping aircraft carriers.
It may sound stupid, but someone somewhere is pondering it right now. Now they’re scratching their crotch. Now they’re walking across the room. Now they’re turning their head… Oh my god! They see me!

on the radio….

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

Stevie Wonder

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
That’s Why I’ll Always Stay Around
You Are The Apple Of My Eye
Forever You’ll Stay In My Heart

I Feel Like This Is The Beginning
Though I’ve Loved You For A Million Years
And If I Thought Our Love Was Ending
I’d Find Myself Drowning In My Own Tears


You Must Have Known That I Was Lonely
Because You Came To My Rescue
And I Know That This Must Be Heaven
How Could So Much Love Be Inside Of You


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