Make sure your familiar is on the same page as you when using a summoning circle. “Helping” by batting at a sigil can be problematic. #doodle #catsofinstagram #misspearl #wizardry #magictips

Feb 09 2024

Happy Lunar New Year! Wishing you happiness and prosperity (Gong hei fat choy / 恭喜发财) Day 20,095 We picked up some bubble tea and sushi at the Lucky Cat – we were treated to some mochi doughnuts as a new year’s goodie, too! (We were dressed in a lot of red and gold. Our flag got here just in time, @maximillian_deersteak Put it up in the front yard, and I think that it is adorable. Pearl was very enthusiastic about last night’s pizza, and the assembly of the new hamper, caught a bunch of Z’s and was generally just a sweet bundle of curiosity when she isnt snoozing out. We spent most of the day in the “cozy red room” watching Portland’s or Ironsides for the most part. Here’s hoping the rest of the year goes as comfortably for all of us. #doodle #dragon #lunarnewyear2024🐲 #gongheifatchoi #yearofthedragon #misspearl #catsofinstagram #tabbycatsofinstagram #stripedcatsofinstagram #feb092024

Feb 08 2024

Day 20,094 How many different ways to say I did chores and took a walk on a mild day along the duck pond? Weather was low 60s, did 3 laps around the lake and headed home. Video1 note – there is one goose at the park who lives up to the stereotypical “jerk/scary goose trope”, he glides along the water, head low, and bullies the other birds away from snack time. #doodle #cryptid #yeti #ducks #geese #egotisticalsong #lakespringpark #salemva #suno #walkabout #walkies #feb082024

Feb 7 2024

Day 20,093 Good grief, winter isnt being verg wintery this afternoon. Mid 70sF, clear, nobody out and about really, save for the usual ducks and geese who have been pretty ubiquitous on the river and ponds this week. I reckon the ducks were happy for how balmy things were, though I wouldn’t mind one more day of light snow. Ah well, I can wait until next winter if I must. Maybe Punxy Phil was on his game this year. I wasn’t up for a massive expedition, but a few steps to get blood to my extremities seemed reasonable. Some lady yelled at another car while I was roaming around the water, to the tune of “aren’t you a little old to be driving that badly?” I didn’t see what caused the expletive to come out, but I thought if was a weird turn of phrase. Was she trying to insult his age and his driving at the same time? It sounded weird and cumbersome when she was yelling it, like she changed what she was saying midsentence. #doodle #walkies #ducks #geese #salemva #warmweather #feb072024

Feb 6 2024

Day 20,092 Went for walkies down by the duck pond again today. Lots of sweet geese, more than a few ducks, and very few humans milling about. I remembered change this time, so the birds got some snacks, courtesy of the vending machines next to the water. A little bit chillier today, and looking at the water reminded me of an old “suicide squad meets doom patrol / misfits of science / legion of substitute heroes” game back in the 90s. One of my characters was a guy named Zeo whose body was comprised of a sentient liquid, with a power set to match- some ice powers, a little TK usable only on liquids, some shapeshifting to get through small spaces and stretching to do a watery / ice punch, could cover himself with a hard shell of ice, create ice sculptures, etc. I’m trying to remember some of the other guys now, without going back to my old GURPS notebooks. I had a bouncing boy sort of guy named parabola, Kat had a weirdo gadgeteer in a top hat on a pogo stick named Spring, I think Pam’s character was either Minglegrin or Screaming Blue Messiah, (or both?), Rick played a poltergeist simply named Der Geist. #doodle #goose #duck #gaming #rpg #zero #rayc #katc #pamm #rickl

Many, many thanks to @weaponeersofmonkaafans for the wonderful quartet of Gohlem glyos figures that arrived today! Gohlem is one of my all time favorite sculpts, very versatile and just a big ball of fun. These guys are going to find a place of honor in my collection and builds very soon. #birthdayloot2024 #gohlem #spymonkeycreations #weaponeersofmonkaa #red #black #silver #blue #gray #elitegohlem #granitegohlem #monkaa #feb062024 #roanokeva #toyphotography #toystagram #toyphoto #modulartoys #glyoscompatible

Painted pig update – feb 5 2024 After a bit of a winter lull of being maroon, a riot of color has shown up like an early spring. I wonder if this pig has taken punxsutawney phil at his word? I really like both sides, though the giant googly eye has been painted over in a solid blue. Something v is written on both sides, but my brain isnt having much success untangling the handwriting yet. The right side says “undecipherable” 5, maybe? #salemtraditions #paintedpigva #salemva #feb052024

Feb 5 2024

Day 20,091 Birdsong and a visiting squirrel on the camera this morning, and then I saw another squirrel at the duck pond on another low stone wall around one of the trees there. The duck pond squirrel had a little bob on its tail, and the one in our back yard had a full, fluffy one. Both were gray and white, and moved at a really good clip. I’m glad they were caught on video- we don’t get as many squirrels here as we did in Maryland. I am hoping to see another piebald “albino” one sometime in our new neck of the woods. #doodle #feb052024 #happymonday #squirrel #backyardzoo #lakespringpark #salemva

Feb 03, 2024

Day 20,089 Doodle of some of the visitors this morning and last night (See prior entry) There’s a giant doin’ cartwheels, a statue wearin’ high heels Look at all the happy creatures dancin’ on the lawn Dinosaur Victrola, listenin’ to Buck Owens Doo, doo, doo, lookin’ out my back door Tambourines and elephants are playin’ in the band Won’t you take a ride on the flyin’ spoon? Dood-n-doo-doo #bunny #bird #deer #bluejay #doodle #lookingoutmybackdoor

Feb 4 2024

Observe the steam rolling off of my spine

Day 20,090 Sitting on a heating pad on the couch, back has been twanging quite a bit, but some assistance from a heating pad and meds make things a bit better. Watching midsomer murders, just finished the death in paradise xmas special, and prior to that caught up with SNL. Had a lovely little dinner of appetizers and falafel pitas, the inlaws, kitty and mrs relaxing on assorted areas around the tv. #doodle #homebidy #cryptid #badback #feb042024

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