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put your own site in there, and get a poem

journal online, until much
it to post if you believe in
your food then, no
bread will work.
Got its own
dark purposes? B A colony of that took the
total social , order? D
firm for me schedule 5 miles away and
Mr Policeman wishing him out off
the day telling
an ancient and worth every human worker
had been
Who obviously will be countermanded by an
alien and I dream
Very similar dream. 2 What
she was grinning already.
If you wearing glasses? Nope! Newton
is messed

here’s one from my friends!

friends comment on and then on camera. current music:
Dead Can muster
a PINE junkie. I
to a boy
that it worked
so am sleepy
and my resume, and
with a few
years since been
me in hour periods
how great you or taking naps. i
also need some cereal before I keep trying
to but how to grow
a Hill Top Annette Hanshaw
5 39p Agnes Varda. A woman, Or slack.


while procrastinating on my short story, and shaking from being on the upswing from drinking company coffee. (about a pot or so…) I surf while waiting for data to arrive.

This is messed up.

here’s the blurb –

Who wants to get a divorce on national television and win $100,000? Interested? Then hook up with Fox. The television network that brought you “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?” — apparently learning little from that experience — now wants to make divorce entertainment for the masses, with marital assets as prizes.

end blurb.

How totally wrong is that?

I support the right to show anything on tv to adults… but I know I’m not going to bother with a show that rewards people for ending marriage on tv. F’-ed up, that is.

What’s next? Reality TV, where you get paid points for catching your spouse in varying states of infidelity? “Woo! Bob got a hooker! Looks like His wife will get $1000 for that one!” “That nearly makes up for Mary giving the children ether so she can run off with the babysitter” Blow by blow coverage by sports guys? [hm. no pun intended]

Can focusing on a sad thing (which I imagine divorce is, more often than not) and paying for it be a good idea? Am I over-reacting in my current addled state?

no, not sea monkeys.

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – Danish scientists have found a completely new kind of animal down a cold well in Greenland and are keeping a colony of them in a fridge, the Arctic magazine Polarfronten reported on the Internet.
The 0.1 millimeter long freshwater organism does not fit into any one of the previously known animal families — making it only the fourth such creature to be discovered on the planet in the past 100 years, Polarfronten said Thursday.

Studies of the animal named “Limnognathia maerski” show that it shares some characteristics with certain seawater life-forms.

Scientists from Copenhagen University and Aarhus University in Denmark have established a new phylum — or family — for the tiny animal, whose most remarkable feature is a set of very complicated jaws.

It has now got its own branch, Micrognathozoa, on the tree of the world’s known animals, which are divided into slightly more than 30 families, Polarfronten said.

Limnognathia maerski, which reproduces through parthenogenesis, uses its jaws to scrape the bacteria and algae it feeds on from underwater moss growing in icy wells which freeze over during the long Arctic winter.

The animal was found in samples taken in 1994 from a well in Isunngua on Disco island in northwestern Greenland. A colony of the tiny creatures, all females, are currently living in a refrigerator at Copenhagen University.

Greenland, the world’s largest island, is part of Denmark.

Yikes! Football is this boring? Nitrus enhancement?

Illegal here in Florida, the distribution of N2O is controlled… not like we couldn’t get it…

That stuff is like hippie crack. I’ve done it once or twice, but do not plan on doing it again. I mean, if Hunter S. Thompson says it’s bad… well. Damn. My big fear is that it cuts of oxygen to the brain. thats what makes it work. Uh… no more for me thanks… I’m glad that that stuff is a part of my past. A fine source of short-term hallucination and tunnel-vision… but that was my only real experience. some mild geometrics and flashing light.

Anyway, good morning!

in other news.

I went to see Dr. T and the Women (which *really* sounds like a ’70s porno movie to me) Wow. What a tragic, horrible, evil bunch of people. I could only sympathize with one character… the rest were so colossally screwed up in the head that it made me dizzy. But that was the total attraction of the movie! A total social train-wreck, it raised my sense of uncomfortableness (uh, is that a word? well, it is now. ) to great heights. Scary representation of people, women of the south in particular. Amazing shots in the ob/gyn office, especially… pretty true to life, judging on the few times I’ve been there. (Not for myself, sillies.)

tom Jones…

Nashatagot me in the mood for some groovy tom Jones music, so I fired up the audiognome (a napster/napigator type gizmo) and grabbed a few. *whee!* Ever so much fun. Thanks to whomever posted the link to that location, I think it was JennyLee.

I’m in a wacky linky mood. Have another spiral!


Anyhow, I went and looked to see where TJ was performing at Pollstar and sadly, he’s strictly vegas, california, and the UK for the immediate future. Anyone want to go with me out to the city of lights to see him perform, and maybe do a tour of the city of sin? (I’m not a gambler… who knows what I’d do out there… see the shows, eat buffetts, and visit my pal ramscan, I suppose.)

He heads to Europe on 10/29, so we don’t have much time. I can spring for continental plane tickets, but that’s about it.

In other news, bought Newton a new toy, that makes ‘krinkle’ noises, and is filled with ‘nip. He’s in love with it. 🙂 Looks like a psychedelic spider! The bug on the lower right side of the page.

All for now, off to chase the furball.