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quotes heard this week for folks.

Sealed with a curse as sharp as a knife… Doomed is your soul and damned is your life!
(Computer lab. Pal Bheesham getting irritated at the programming manager)

Sometimes I do what I want to do, The rest of the time, I do what I have to.
Quantis (From Gladiator)

Richard Nixon, rejected by the Coca-Cola company, went to work for Pepsi — on whose business he was in Dallas on November 22, 1963. JFK drank Coke. Cola Wars as Secret Struggles? Why did Lee Harvey Oswald drink a Dr. Pepper before making his getaway? (Ken Hite, babbling about conspiracy again… freaky thing is that it’s true!)

last one – on girl trouble.

Be flexible.
A kite flies on a string, not a stick.
-Tino’s mom.

Wow, I could see your lips moving, but it was like “blah-blah-blah-blah”, or something.


it wears cut-off jeans,
a twice-torn shirt,
and hiking boots

it’s callused like a woodcutter
and it’s as hard as the night is long

it’s a sawed-off shotgun world, friend
and you’re looking down the barrel

it doesn’t have any mercy,
it just keeps on turning,
and swooping around the sun,
and never does it stop
or pull a punch

when you fight your way up the stairs
every morning
and get on the treadmill
you start to wonder
if there’s anything to it
besides the fiction and the friction

sometimes you are lucky enough
to go too fast
or catch a new song
or do anything that
just for a moment
lets you forget the turning

when you are so blessed
thank the harmony
and the speed
and all the bottles of beer

there wasn’t much poetry in them
but at least they kept the shotgun
out of your face for a time


A candle
has burned black
down to a nub
and vomited wax
all over my desk.

I look at the placental remains
and I wonder

If I had enough warmth
in my breath
If I had enough skill
in my hands
If I had a new wick
in my pocket

Could I pry up the wax
and mold and roll
and repair the path of flame?

Funny, it’s always the easier
the unopposed choice
to buy a new candle
to burn down again.


Well, April and I have broken up, amicably. I was feeling used and she says she was feeling like she was obliged to me. I don’t think we’ll continue to room together, as I don’t feel I could handle it, and I think she only wants to room with me for the cable, smaller rent bill, internet and access to Newton. Heck with that. Even though I would enjoy having the cost break in rent and food, I don’t think I would deal well with a friend I used to have sex with living under my roof and sharing my bed (just to sleep in). Man. Sakes.

More tummy trouble.

Man, I feel lousy. I don’t like where I am right now, relationship-wise, and job-wise things could be better. I keep forgetting about the hard parts of a relationship, and now my petty mind is harping on all the little chafe-y things that bother me when I’m not love-drunk. Honestly, I was getting by well enough alone, but being with someone is nice, too. I know she’s got some sort of family issues, with both parents. I don’t know, maybe her behaivior comes from there. The thing is, I don’t care where certain behaiviors start from, I just want postive stuff to continue, and negative stuff to cease. Deception and fear only hurt. And I’m feeling pretty low…

Trouble Brewing for Scotto…

Well, either I made a positive step last night, or I screwed up big time. I confronted April about her feelings for me, basically asked her where she thought we stood. She reacted poorly, as I told her that I was feeling frustrated and less than equal in our relationship. I may have gone over the line when I asked if she was using me. (I really can’t tell sometimes what is better asked directly, and what is better phrased diplomatically. I know I prefer someone to shoot straight with me.) Lately it’s seemed that I’ve been actively giving, and she actively taking, but not much on the reverse flow. Before I commit to falling for her any more than I already have, I want to know that my affection is reciprocated, and that she’s not just in this for room and board. Honestly, why can’t I find someone who gives as well as they get? Am I just being too needy? Feh. For what it’s worth, it’s been fun having someone to go out with, and talk to late into the night, but I want something that feels more genuine. I guess the next day or so will hold the answers.

I’ll try to be more entertaining next post, honest.


This was a busy week. I came back from an educational trip through history with Abraham Lincoln, Robin Hood, and Joseph Stalin. After they taught me how traditional values can still be applied in today’s age of wisecracking cartoon animals and future toilets, I introduced them all to “ice cream” and we adopted a high spirited orphan. We were too busy in our beach-running/food fight musical montage to notice that this was the same little orphan that Mantak the Xandarian needed to lead his race to galactic domination.

As you may know from episode #38 of Star Zappers, adopting a Xandarian dictator’s chosen military leader is like pissing down the piss-sensitive cleavage of an Andorian princess. And it takes a lot less than that for Mantak to blast you into oblivion. So we had two choices – Give up our new orphan, or fight. Even with Stalin’s ability to starve Ukranians, Abraham Lincoln’s top hat, Robin Hood’s sissy-tipped arrows, and Abe’s pajamas decorated with small pictures of top hats, we wouldn’t stand a chance against the Xandarian combat fleet. There was only one way we could fight Mantak AND get enough money for our orphan’s pony – ROCK into Space, the Intergalactic Battle of the Bands.

This didn’t make our chances much better. Mantak’s band, Flux Maximo and the Poop Troop, had won ROCK into Space for the last 17 space years. And they specialized in dirty tricks.

We nervously waited backstage while the Tralfamadorian/Globetrotter basketball game for domination of Sector Gamma went into overtime. We passed the time by crossing our fingers and hoping our mixture of bouncy pop and smiles was enough to overcome Flux Maximo’s elaborate pranks and sabotage. The cold Stalin kept his fingers seperated and used the extra time to run through “Love’s Gonna Getcha!” with our new drummer – Ockdiggity, the talking octopus. Plus, I found a rare Captain Snoogie comic.

When it was our turn we played our hearts out. Rainbows and flowers radiated out of us like we were the good guy band in an intergalactic battle of the bands. I may have lost, had my orphan taken away for military reprogramming, and watched my historical friends be ejected into the coldness of space, but at least I have a pizza.