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wakey wakey!

Missed the bus, so took a cab into work. Thusly, I’m here about an hour early. I’m going to surf until it’s time for me to officially start, and thought I’d start here and say hey!


Foodies update, Bagel w/ cream cheese, 4 liters of water thus far.

Looking into getting some more ebooks. I dug up a clockwork orange and fight club… maybe my next book should be something gentle? Really digging using assorted places like internet library sites like Project Gutenberg
Bibliomania: The Network Library Bartleby Library

and my current fave – Internet Public Library Online Texts Collection

10 banana cream pies!

Got home, a little late, but not horrible.

foodies update.
personal cheese pizza, small salad, lots o water. lunch was checkers fries and a chocolate shake. total bad, but tasty.

Got a ride home with suzy, woke her up at 8:45 pm. I hope she’s not using again… hard to tell. She’s going back to driving the cab, as the catering job isn’t paying off. She’s been ver ydepressed lately… I don’t want to write her off, but I suspect there’s too much drama in her life these days… I thought she’d gottem mostly past that stuff.


i just wanted to say
that I have no secrets to share
no unique insight to reveal
no hidden shame to bare

oh, I could try to express the commonality of our existence,
and to impress you with my understanding of it,
and float pretty words like flower boats into your ears

but I can’t solve any of your problems,
and I can’t make things work for you, or even for me mostly.
I don’t claim to be able to live your life from the inside.

Believe me, if I could make the pain go away, I would.
I’d touch your heart if I could, I’d link our souls
and drag us both up from the depths

but I am just a man
and these are just words
and even a song is just a song

may you find your own peace

Sleep study, catch-up

Come, blessed barrier between day and day, Dear mother of fresh thoughts and joyous health!

— William Wordsworth in “To Sleep” (1806)

Well, I got back about an hour ago. It looks like I do indeed have sleep apnea, and they’re having me back again next week. Thank goodness for insurance! I wore evil-looking sensors all over my head/face, legs and chest, and fingertip, and an infrared camera to spy on me while I sleep. You cam girls should get these… totally dark in the room, but the image is really good. After getting hooked up, I got to hang out for a while before bed and watch TV with the other patients. (3 senior ladies, Nora, Emily, and Rita.) I showed off my palm pilot, and they showed off pictures of the grandkids. Rita was very cool, used to work for the police dept, and married her husband, Stan, who was at the time a private detective (Now a Deacon. I met him this morning, and he confirmed the tale.. neato bogie-style romance.)Told all sorts of keen stories about Cop life in the 1960’s. (She was a clerk, and saw all sorts of wacky stuff.) No oxygen mask this time – but I get to wear that in addition next week, and it looks like every night until I get to go in for surgery, to have my tonsils removed and airway down there cleared up.

My concerns now are:

1-I damn sure don’t want to wear an oxygen mask for the rest of my life so chop away, doc! (I am concerned about surgery too, but I think it’s better in the long run.)

2- How much is insurance going to cover? So far, so good… but HMO’s are a bitch.

3- Will Newton sleep with me while I have the mask on? I think so, he’s pretty intrusive. 🙂

I’m going to have to learn maintenance and upkeep for the equipment, too… so that’s another chore on this lazy guy’s list of things to do.

Something I’m keen to try is Somnoplasty. It is a radio frequency surgical device that shrinks the soft palate in a half-hour outpatient procedure. That sounds like it’d be perfect, if I can get away with it.

Anyhow, to keep the food list up.

Before going to the study, I hung out with my little bro for a while, and hooked up with Cathi & Dave to see the crappiest movie I’ve seen, since oh, sakes I don’t know… Coyote Ugly. Bless this Child. Not scary. Not Thrilling. Not Enthralling. Not nothing. bleah. At least Coyote Ugly had pretty girls being provocative. Hollow Man had a lot of Blunt head Trauma. Battlefield earth was so bad, you could mock it. BTC… just a bore-fest. You do get to see Christina Ricci beheaded… payback for Wednesdays’s doll, I suppose.

Ate creamy noodles w/peas, had coffee, and water, and an iced chai and a black and white at borders after the movie.

coming attractions

tomorrow I go in for my sleep study. electrodes, monitors, o2 mask and being videotaped should make for a lovely night of comfortable sleep.

Had a decent game of everway today, slow, but ok. Much distraction.

Ate- a load of pretzels, bugles, and water, a small order of veggie lo mein, and some tasty cheese. bad bad for me, good good tasting.

Going out to see hollow man tonight, and get some more food. 🙂

Ate thus far- cheese omelette, hash browns, toast, oj, and lots o water.

good toast. good bread, adequate omelette.

unusual waitress, had a ‘biker-chick/very out and open’ feel to her, wrist and shoulder tattoo, tongue pierce, very outgoing. nice body, oddly angular face. intimidating, but in a spiffy way.

Also had an Iced Chai. *very tasty*

Pretty brounette, high maintenance laughed at my coffee jokes re:Dannys purchase. (Decaf expresso. I swear that’s wacky somehow.)

I’m all horndoggied up today, for some reason…

Too much testosterone. Blocking my better judgement again.

You’ll have to use your imagination a bit on this one, but I believe

this is fairly accurate.

“Feelings” (sung by Beaker)

Mee-mee, mee-mee mee mee meee-mee,

Me-me me me-me me me-me me meeee.

Me-me me-me me me me meee

Me-me me me-me me meemee me meeeeeeee.

Meeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeee, me-me-me me-me meee meee,

Me me me me-me me me meeee, me me-me me me-meeee.

Meeee meeeee, me me me meeeeeeee-meeeeeee

Me-me-me mee mee me me-me me me-me.

Mee-mee, mee-mee mee mee me-me mee-mee,

Me-me me me-me me me-me me meeee.

Meeeeeeeee-meeeeeeee!!! me-me-me-me me meee meee,

Me me me me-me me me, me, me me-me me me-me!!

Mee-mee, mee-mee mee mee meee-mee,

Me-me me me-me me me-me me meeee.


OHHHH-OHHH-OHHHH!!! meee-meee mee meeeeeeee.

* sung by Animal