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Well, one month until April is gone.

Well, one month until April is gone. I suspect that it will be the end of all communications between us, and that I’m a dingaling for letting her stick around so long. Her existance in my apartment is cramping my style quite a bit, and causing me undue amounts of stress. Taking it as well as can be expected, and making some (maybe not my every) effort to make things run smoothly until then. Weirdly, now that I’m available again, my driver-pal Suzy is being much friendlier and is acting as a pleasant ear to bend when I want to talk about whatever. I imagine she’s interested in dating, but I’m not even going to think about that sort of thing until after April is out of the apartment (which might be causing some of the stress, now that I reflect on it) . Why I’m allowing April to remain in my place for so long is still a mystery to me… Now that I know she has a place to go, I’m not so worried about giving her the boot. Sakes, I’m going to stop typing about it because it’s just irritating me.

**New Topic**

I finished the first Harry Potter book, and it was cute (downloaded the text files for the first 3 into my palm pilot, to give me something to read during my longer walks, bus rides, lines, and whatnot.) It was cute, pretty entertaining, and I would reccomend it to most readers as good young adult fantasy, not as good in my opinion as Narnia or Middle-earth books, but beats most other fantasy with a big blunt club. I’m exactly 4% into the 2nd book, and it looks to be as solid as the first so far. (I love reading on the palm, and the fact that gnutella lets me download all manner of books gratis.) I haven’t seen the 4th book out there yet for download, but I imagine that by the time I get to reading it (I’m alternating Harry Potter with Middle Earth, in prep for the coming movies), it should be available. It’s odd, but I can’t recall the last time I paid for a book, between the library or freetext, I think I only get books of text for others for holidays like christmas, Birthdays whathaveyou, and recieve them for same.

Why don’t more people go to the library? I figure if I read a book, and want it to read again, then I’ll go back to the library and get it… If I know I’ll want to keep it (Like for about a dozen books I read, and reread over the years) I’ll buy ’em, or ask for ’em for my b’day. How many folks out there have books that they read over and over, I wonder?

Here’s mine.

The main Middle Earth books, (Hobbit & the big 3)
The Bible (KJV)
The Apocrypha
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, and some of his other works too.
The Elder Eddas (Norwegian Folklore)
Grimm’s Fairy Tales (The *BIG* honking book. It’s like 1000 pages, and each story is between 1/2 page and 20 pages long.)
Godel Escher Bach (recently added to the rotation, only read it about 3 times, so far)
Dandilion Wine by Ray Bradbury
The Collected Mark Twain

I know I’m forgetting one or two. The Tao of Pooh comes to mind, I’m overdue reading that. and there’s a few others that I’ll trip over here and there and reread, like my Doc Savage books, or silly comic book digests.

*phew* That’s enough for me for now. See you kids later.

Anything goes in.
Anything goes out!
Fish, bananas, old bananas,
Mutton! Beef! and Trout!
Anything goes in.
Anything goes out.

Anything goes in.
Anything goes out!
Fish, bananas, old bananas,
Mutton! Beef! and Trout!
Anything goes in.
Anything goes out.



Well, here’s what’s happening next. I have to go in for a full-blown sleep study next month, and probably will have to have my tonsils removed too. It looks like I’ll be wearing some sort of O2 mask when I sleep, and have a body monitor on too, during the study, not to mention being recorded on video. (That’ll help anyone sleep, right?) Ack. But, for what it’s worth, I’ll get more energy, better recall, and generally better health. 8/13 is my sleep test night, so I have a while before having to worry about that hubbub.

I woke up with this running through my head.

It made me smile…


A place where nobody dared to go
The love that we came to know
They call it Xanadu

And now, open your eyes and see
What we have made is real
We are in Xanadu

A million lights are dancing
And there you are, a shooting star
An everlasting world and you’re here with me

Xanadu–Xanadu (now we are here)
In Xanadu
Xanadu–Xanadu (now we are here)
In Xanadu

Xanadu your neon lights will shine
For you Xanadu

The love, the echoes of long ago
You needed the world to know, they are in Xanadu

The dream that came through a million years
That lived on through all the tears
It came to Xanadu

A million lights are dancing and there you are
A shooting star, an everlasting world and you’re
Here with me eternally

Xanadu–Xanadu (now we are here)
In Xanadu

Now that I’m here, now that you’re near
In Xanaduuuuuuuu

Well, tomorrow I get reviewed for my sleep study. It should take 20 minutes, I understand, then I’ll be scheduled to snooze at a research facility, and be told what treatment is needed.

On another note, I fear I might’ve offended someone with what was meant to be a compliment. Someone who I find to be really cool, too. I apologised, but I can never tell if I’ve doomed a budding friendship via miscommunication. 🙁

I really am sorry that it was misunderstood, and that feelings might’ve been hurt.

Angel Snot?

I’ve always loved Archie McPhee. this is one of the reasons why.

In our busy world it’s easy to forget that miracles really do happen. With its lovely scent and comforting texture, Angel Snot is a heavenly reminder of the magic at work in our everyday lives. We say “Bless You” when someone sneezes because medieval folk believed a sneeze was the soul escaping the body. Clearly, there is a strong connection between nasal mucus and the miraculous power of heaven’s messengers. This beautiful jasmine-scented pearlescent substance is both sacred and fun to play with. Squish it, bounce it, stretch it — just don’t wipe it on the back of the couch. You get two packages of Angel Snot, each with approximately 1 ounce of precious fluid in a plastic egg.

I’m in love with these… oooh oooh oooh!!!

Any of you up and coming birthday types want something from here? I need an excuse to get stuff for myself. 🙂

If you’ve learned anything from TV and movies, it’s that when you’re talking to someone naked and you’re not about to have sex with them, their body parts start creeping into your sentences. If you offer a glass of chocolate milk to a chick with clothes on, no problem. If she’s naked, you start saying things like, “Would you like an ass of chocolate nipple?” or “mmm… this is the breast lemonade I’ve ever vaginaed!”

Okie everyone, here’s the shmeer.

April will be taking a bus back to Utah Aug 20. I figure I can be civil and nice enough to let her stay at my place until then, even though I had been hoping for my place back to basics. No further delays will be accepted, however. 7x the expected delay is long enough. I won’t be able to tolerate any more, even though we’ve been getting along.

I will be running my webcam for quite a little while for two reasons.

1. to spy on newton, I know that april will throuw a baseball cap or something over it when she gets home, as I’ve told her it’ll be running.

2. hopefully I’ll get to make an animated gif or avi out of the stream, and see what a stop-motion show of the day’ll look like. 🙂 I’ll be archiving on the net on the off-chance ‘someone’ decides to rip me off, so I’ll have photgraphic evidence of times of whatever. Is that petty of me? My trust levels are low with her, but I think this is a fair way to keep her honest.

my cam is back up again, to keep an eye on the kitty while I’m at work. 🙂 (at least until april gets home…she’ll probably turn the thing to the wall for privacy.

if you want to see what my messy apartment looks like.