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apparently April did get her job at Barnie’s… even though the manager she was supposed to call wasn’t in, she’s already on the schedule for Tuesday at 2:30! Such a relief… one less weight on ther shoulders, and now we can focus on the next items on the Big list o’ things to be done.

Unsure of the Order.

Get A Bigger Apt, Preferably a Condo.
Get a Car.
Get Driver’s License.
Get Bank Account.
Get Better Job For Scotto.
Get Another Kitty?

And on Scotto’s personal list of hopes & dreams-

Get my friends more integrated.
See some flippin’ movies! There’s a bucket I need to catch up on!

Say, do subject lines not appear when they’re not posted, or are they ‘no subject’ default? I guess We see once this lands in machine. My pal Hunter commented on my pic, and how it reminded him of a criminal in the phantom zone from the superman movies… I wonder where the monchichi looking guy from the 2nd film ended up? Stupid piece of trivia for you guys… Superman (the movie) was written by the same guy who did the Godfather… Mario Puzo. So, high quality by default, eh? Other stupid fact… I went to see, and vividly remember watching the film in 1978, and that was the year that my current girlfriend was born…Aiee… April never got to see King Kong, Superman, Star Wars, or Alien in the theater… even worse, I just realized those are all science fiction films that shaped my tiny little pea brain at the tender age of 8-10ish.

In other news…

Newton cat is still sick, but is animated, just not drinking his water. If he hasn’t slurped some tonight, I’ll call the Doc in the AM. He’s getting more affectionate with April, who plays with the doofus more than I do. I still am waiting on my webcam, but hopefully it’ll be on my site by the end of the week. Do any of you guys know what sort of programs, or what not to put on my site to run it? April looks like she’ll be getting a job at Barnie’s soon, is going ot call back tomorrow after 2, to figure out her schedule. She’s semi-officially living with me now, even though she’s still paying rent at the other apt. Apparently she’s told her ex-roomies that she won’t be sharing phone and power expenses with them, though, as she doesn’t use them. (She committed to the lease, and so will have storage there until October, I suppose.) I’m sort of bummed that nobody tried my toll-free voicemail, but I guess that’s the way it goes…

Whoops part 2

Well, I called her, and she would just as soon not know what I read. Fair enough… I’ll make a point of not reading that particular journal from now on. Her POV is, if she had wanted me to know, she’d have told me anything that I might’ve read. My only negative comment on that is, why publish to the net? It’s bound to get back to you sooner or later, unless your only hang out with the Amish. But, that said, I will make a point of not reading anything in my region if this happens again. I should’ve known… ah well, I was honest about it, and made my gesture, hopefully this won’t hurt our friendship.

Well, nuts.

I have no idea how it is that I manage to keep stumbling over people I know locally on a flippy journal site that is totally international. Now I’ve gone and read something that I don’t imagine a third party friend would have wanted me to hear unless he told me himself. I guess the quickest, most honest thing to do is to tell her that I saw her page. Nuts. The goofy thing is, I wonder if she’ll read this before I get to talk to her about it… it’s only 10:30 now… I think it’s still early enough to call her. yup. Man… how do I get into these situations?

Sakes! well, at least I have a picture up now! I’ll get the knack of layout and design slowly, but surely. (Heck, I haven’t even d/led the client proggie yet… doing it now. My poor net has been way slow tonight… 🙁 Upside, Newt seems to like his medicine and is eating well. I have his kitten pix up on the web… grown up (7mos will be around later.) Here’s a link to a slow loading image of him as a babe.


So, does everyone on this silly journalspace have a webcam but me? I was thinking aobut setting up a cam at the house, if just to see if I can do it, and to keep an Eye on my fine orange fuzzy friend Newton. Anyone out there have any suggestions for setting it up?