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no limeade today. had a gardenburger w/cherry coke, instead.

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…The red balloon returns to hunt down the little boys who popped him in the original French classic 40 years ago.
Shorts Program # 2, Cinema Paradiso, Thurs, Nov. 2, Noon, CP-032 / Sat., Nov. 4, Noon, CP-034 / Sat., Nov. 11, 1pm, CP-052

Scotto’s plans for today.

Get together with Robb for fun out and about day.

Try #2 to get an eyemodule for my palm.
Go to the diner and Have limeade. (I have a huge craving for it now.)
for supper, shoot for either grilled cheese or something new. not sure. what dinner goes best with limeade?

Go see either –
Charlies angels, best in show, bedazzled, legend of bagger vance, or ummm… Sakes, I know I’m forgetting a couple. Is red planet opening this week? 6th day? oh! oh oh!!! This weekend is the Fort lauderdale film festival!!

*boingboingboing* ACK! Totally forgot. I’ll have to spend Sunday in the theares!!!

I’m way behind, and the xmas movies are building to steam. yipe.

David Duke… Dammit.

Yes, he’s still around. Learn how white people are a disadvantaged minority, then buy Duke’s Mein Kampf ripoff, “My Awakening”. Makes you wish the Klan had never discovered the internet. (I’m not going to link to him, but there’s his site, if you want to go there yourself. bah)

Teach me to look for duke university , specifically for images of the blue devil, to spark a story.

Here is what I was looking for l if y’all care.

Other random thoughts… Anyone seen/heard from Darktrain?

god help me, I’m going to blather.

I really enjoy the company of a sweet girl.

It’s colored my writing, my work, the way I see the world. It’s all good. Stupid people don’t bug me as much, nice things seem nicer.

I’m in awe of this girl. She’s smart. She’s beautiful. She’s witty. She’s sexy. She has a sweet personality and a pile of admirable skills.

She makes me feel wonderful every time I talk to her. I trust her implicitly. She flatters me.

I want to give her a trampoline, or a Wacom graphic tablet…. some orange blossom honey. Something she’d like.