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Places for six butts

Got some fresh furniture for the living room and the yellow room.  Living room now has a new loveseat,  easy chair and sofa, so that is seating for six covered. The configuration will likely be Mrs and me on the sofa, inlaws on loveseat and cat on the easy chair, but time will tell.

The yellow room got a nice gaming / LEGO table, with enough space to play our largest boardgames with room to spare, and 8 chairs to surround it. If I still had an occasion to play RPGs, we would be well set, given that the pantry and kitchen is just a doorway over.

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Sept 10 2023

Getting into the Autumn vibe this morning, the gang did a double pumpkin run, Krispy Kreme for pumpkin spice donuts, and Dunkin’ for Pumpkin Hazelnut coffee. (I had an everything bagel wth egg and cheese, and a Boston cream, but the vibe was still there.)

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Out and about on a rainy day

The black pearl

The inlaws, Mrs and I went to scout around Olde Salem Days today, during the end of a rainstorm. I feel for the vendors and visitors who missed some cool shopping, but I am happy that the chance for major illness spreading was cut down.

After a quick orbit of town, we swung by hang 10 for some orang dole whip, and then returned home to check out the delayed Virginia tech game.

Currently on couch while the ladies are in the dining area checking out stuff online.

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Painted pig update

Did I miss a pig paint? It looks like there is a darker undercoat that I didn’t see last time, but the painters may have covered it with black before giving it a coat of pink and then writing on it on gold.

I really can’t make out what the gold markings say, if anything. As some small form of compensation to myself and and anyone following the pig, I include a smiley face drawn on the pavement nearby, and a sort of long distance shot from the stoplight.

It looks like the merchantile is about moved into the shop, I wonder when it will open up?

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Walkies Sept 7, 2023

Social isolation day #1273
New residence day #150
Days until Autumn – 15

Hey Donald, Duck!

Gentle walk today, feeling rough, but trying to get moving at least a little bit daily. Weather was mild, about 77⁰F, supposed to rain a bit later today. If the clouds are any indication, hail would not surprise me. I still prefer that to the higher heat we had earlier this week.

#walksafari –  critters seen were the usual ducks, Canadian geese, a few cute little cardinals, four or five squirrels, a groundhog, and a buzzing bug or three. No bigger critters, I am guessing the deer will come out after the rain.

Sisto, pocketnaut and the Glyos version of myself scaled the wall that shows up on our naturecam, spotted a blue tailed skink sunning on the top of the wall, but it scrambled off before I could get a photo.

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Enough already, P.O.

Space Cabbie and Jonah Hex take on Kanjar-Ro committing a space train robbery. Justice League action, s1 e26.

You know, I love Patton Oswalt (Space Cabbie) and all, but I am a little tired of his voice acting.

Too much of a good thing is still too much. I suppose familiarity breeds contempt. He’s already been Matthew the Raven, the Atom, Toymaker and who knows who else in DC stuff, not to mention Pip the troll, M.O.D.O.K., Ben Parker, Chameleon… C’mon, now, share the wealth with some other actors, especially those who don’t all sound exactly like you.

That said, I like the concept and implementation of the Justice League Action show just fine. 10ish minute little bites, so even if some small bit is wearing out their welcome, it is brief enough to pass quickly.