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April 16, 2021 at 05:58PM

#swampwalk quarantine isolation day 399

More green, but so cool outside compared to prior days! Temp this morning was 62F, great for me but a bit brisk for the other family.

#bogsafari was light, but 2 osprey were nice to see. Minimal human or quadruped creatures spotted en route. Squirrels in the yard are about through the feeder.

#pyewacket is mending from yesterday. Poor boy gets a lot of medicine for his mouth, pain relief, antibiotics added to his regular routine. He is still a little drunk from yesterday’s anesthesia but probably back 90%. He slept all night on his mama when in bed and on me when on the couch. Eating and excreting like a champ, thankfully.

Neighbor is putting a roof on the house, but I am thankful that they don’t start hammering until 9am. (If I worked the night shift, I would be a cranky fellow)

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April 15, 2021 at 06:43PM

Baby bear back from the doctor and sleeping comfortably on my chest. Got his teeth cleaned and an antibiotic for the lesion on his gums. Swelling should go down soon, no anti inflammatories because of his kidneys. Lapped up his liquid food like a champ when he got home and is resting.

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April 15, 2021 at 03:00PM

Multipurpose Robot

Information Kiosk / security drone / maintenance droid. Default settings. Additional components for data retrieval/ ranged weaponry / wax – shine available at minimal fees.

#glyosbuildchallenge 11 pieces (I thought it was 10, but one was a doubleparter!) #minimalism #modulartoys #Toyphotography #glyos #onelldesign #modulartoys #glyosbuild #cappyspace


#swampwalk quarantine isolation day 396 #bogsafari

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#swampwalk quarantine isolation day 396 #bogsafari counts – new neighborhood cat! A grey tabby with a big white belly and paws. Responds well to a pspsps. Gave me a quizzical look, purred very loudly and went for a walk behind the bushes of his house. Several butterflies (managed to snag a semi-decent snap of one resting on some of the fresh green shoots growing on the wetland grounds. A couple of mallards on a duck date and a pair of very loud osprey. Most humans still not wearing masks. I wonder if Life Model Decoys or Skrulls carry human viruses? I kept my distance regardless. Foliage has gotten more dense. Grasses are thicker, line of sight through trees diminished. Cherry, pear and willows are very full these days. Decent walk for later in the day – temperature was a mild 68F and very sunny. #walkabout #streamofthought #lmd #lifemodeldecoy #skrull #butterfly

April 12, 2021 at 03:03PM

A question of scale. I go through life like the tall dude on the right, MIL like lil red Sisto on the left. Each have challenges… I hate going into the bottom back of the fridge. She is not very good at getting plates off of the top shelf of the cupboard. Fortunately, we each have partners to help with the blind spots / hard to reach places.

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April 10, 2021 at 11:44PM

Things that go bump in the night: Two 19th century scandinavian wax candles, supposedly made by pouring the wax into the throat of a human corpse. The so-called Tjuvljus (thiefs light) had a magical property. A thief could use these lights to induce deep sleep in his victims and then rob their homes and properties. From the collection of the Nordic museum in Stockholm.