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March 11, 2021 at 05:13PM

#swampwalk isolation day 363. A year tomorrow.

Warm day indeed. Something like 80f. Trees are showing some green buds. Several small plant shoots are popping up along the path .

#bogsafari- the woods had a lot of small birds, including robins, cardinals and maybe a cow bird or two? Squirrels were pretty plentiful too. I didn’t see any eagles but heard one, and a couple of turkey vultures circling for snacks I could neither see nor smell.

#baysafari – warm weather brought people out in droves. Boardwalk was pretty terrible to see so many people not wearing masks. I would venture to say half the approximatly 100 people were without masks, not a ton of social distancing. Post office was too crowded for me to venture within.

Little car battery is dead again, on trickle charge to see if it can hold juice or needs replacement.

Boardwalk was host to so many cute dogs of assorted breeds and one cockatoo with white feathers, gold crest and a pink underbelly.

Saw Legolas puppy and his mama rolling around on the north end of my walk, and we chatted briefly at a safe distance. They seem to be doing pretty well!


March 10, 2021 at 03:32PM

[id: an “expanding brain” meme with three progressing levels of glowing images of brains in heads. next to the first one is an image of mario the video game character jumping triumphantly next to text that reads “happy mar10 day”. next to the second one is a screenshot from the magnus archives wiki, reading “the magnus archives wikia. martin blackwood. affiliation: the magnus institute”. next to the third one is a photo of a pine marten, a small brown and yellow ferret-like animal, standing on its hind legs in light green grass. /end id]



March 09, 2021 at 03:45PM

The setting for The Blue Lily is a timeless world where ’40s Chandler-esque gum shoes meet sentient robots. The main character, Rusty Spade, is a robot private dick straight out of The Big Sleep. In his world, robots, called Numbers, do all the grunt work. They are the service sector, the low class citizens. As they have become more intelligent and self-aware, tensions have grown between them and their human makers. The robots have created an underground that is seeding rebellion among its metallic ranks.

#rustyspade #thebluelily #classiccomics #vintageillustration #computercomics