Day 22 – magic

Chili is Autumn magic

Day 22 – magic

You know what is magic in Autumn? Chili. There is cornbread mix in the cupboard, we have beans and impossible burger, tomato sauce and all the seasoning we need, I think.

We have the little crock pot from the old house now, and the weather is getting cooler. Just used the fireplace for the first time yesterday, and it works very well. Got the house to 77⁰F/25⁰C in no time, from about  60⁰F/15⁰C! I was roasting, Mrs Bear and FIL Bear were pleased as punch.

MIL and I both coped with the heat a bit, but got to cool off on our little jaunt chasing the fall mountain colors and post monkey’s wedding sun shower rainbows over Tinker Mountain.

Some gold under that high tension power line?

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