Day 10 – pumpkin

Scarecrow in the patch

The pumpkin is a symbol of many things, depending on the context and the culture. Some of the common meanings of the pumpkin are:

– Harvest and abundance: The pumpkin is a fruit that grows in the fall season, when many crops are ready to be harvested. The pumpkin is often large and heavy, and can provide a lot of food and seeds. It represents the bounty and prosperity of nature, and the gratitude and generosity of people who share their harvest with others.

– Transition and change: The pumpkin is also a symbol of the transition from summer to winter, from life to death, from light to darkness. The pumpkin is associated with Halloween, a festival that celebrates the thinning of the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead. The pumpkin is carved into a lantern, which represents the light that guides the spirits and wards off evil.

– Resilience and potential: The pumpkin is a symbol of resilience and potential, as it can grow in harsh conditions and produce many seeds. The pumpkin can also transform into different forms, such as pies, soups, breads, and decorations. It represents the ability to overcome challenges and create something new and beautiful.

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Pearl attack!

Queue Jaws theme

This little beastie jumped up, slid across the table and grabbed my napkin while I was eating breakfast this morning. There was no saving the poor napkin, it was shredded by the time I could snap a picture and then kick her off the table. I love my little maniac daughter, even if she knows she isn’t allowed on the table. #misspearl #catstagram #catsofinstagram #tabbycatsofinstagram #stripedcatsofinstagram #maniac



Seeing as black lagoon is coming up later this month, why not go a little more tropical for today?

Some aspects of Scotto’s life in relation to the doodle: I have lived by the Atlantic Ocean most of my life, gone diving/ boating / fishing more than a few times and owned more than a couple of aquarium tanks in my day… but I would hardly consider myself a sailor or fisherman. Coastal life is definitely a vibe, but I am really digging the mountains, and rather prefer rivers and lakes to the bay or the sea.

Even bogs and swamps are more appealing to me, though snorkeling in clear water is a good time.

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