Friday, July 21, 2023

New house day 102, and 102 days to Halloween.

Social isolation day 1225

Days since the start of this incarnation 19,892

I went for a walk by the river today, feeling grateful for the bright and clear day. I watched the ducks and admired their simplicity and contentment. I wished I could be like them, but life as a hominid is always a bit more complicated.

I have been isolated for over three years now, ever since the virus changed everything. I don’t mind it, though. I have everything I need at home: my wife, my cat, friends and family on occasion. They are my family and my everything. They make me happy and fulfilled.

Sometimes, that’s enough. Sometimes, I don’t need the outside world. Maybe one day, things will get better. Until then, I’ll keep walking by the river, looking for a sign of hope, and forward to cooler weather.

#walkies #simplepleasures #riverwalk #roanokeva

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