February 19, 2023 at 03:29PM

Ai art prompt-

**Rübezahl, mountain ghost, mountain spirit , berggeist, simple linocut, black white, medieval woodcut style, simple linocut, papercut, folk horror, expressionistic, native folklore art, black and white, old vintage print technique, square format,**


Rübezahl is a name of ridicule, the use of which provokes his anger. Respectful names are “Lord of the Mountain(s)” (Herr vom Berge, Herr der Berge, Herr von Berg), “Treasure Keeper” (Schatzhüter) or among herbalists “Lord John” (Herr Johannes, Latin vocative: Domine Johannes).In one Silesian folktale, he is called “Prince of the Gnomes” (Fürst der Gnomen). https://instagr.am/p/Co24DC9sPi_/


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