December 08, 2022 at 02:36PM

Social distancing day #1000 !

Back has been tricking up, so I didn’t walk too far today, but I wanted to note that it has been a thousand days since March 12, 2020, the last day we went out to a restaurant or went inside any non-essential building. I did some stretching and made it to the swamp entrance, but I barely made it back home again before having to hit the heating pad.

#bogsafari report – just some squirrels, panda the neighborhood cat, and a couple of humans driving cars up and down the road. Not many birds seen, sky is overcast, temperatures in the mid-50s farenheit.

In other health news, got my second shingles shot today, and that smarts a bit, but not worse than the old lower back. Thankful that I also went to the pharmacy drive through, and got some meds that will make dealing with the back issues a little more bearable.

Our Tannenbaum is inside the house, made are planning to light it up tomorrow night, if all goes well. Pearl seems to like the look of it so far.

Prompt to make the images –

rusty vintage bearded hiker action figure with a smartphone in his hand in a rainy forest, a tilt shift photo, instagram contest winner, action painting, ultra high detail, tilt shift, highly detailed textures, shallow depth of field, photorealistic, 8k –landscape

#december082022 #walkabout #aiart #diffusion #virtualtoys #hiking #health #stablediffusion


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