November 26, 2022 at 08:55PM

The Answer Man doing the lord’s work

ASK THE ANSWER MAN Q: If Wonder Woman is able to fly, why does she need the invisible plane?-Mike Ranieri. A: Because she can’t really fly the way Superman does. The Amazing Amazon can ride air currents, but needs her plane for long-range transportation.

Q: Was Robin the first kid sidekick? -John Belcher. A: The Boy Wonder bowed in DETECTIVE #38 (April, 1940), before the other kid side- kicks started to pop up.

Q: Will Robin be teaming up with Batman again soon?-Tim Kennedy. A: They were together recently in DETECTIVE COMICS and join forces once more in BATMAN FAMILY #17. Q: Where are Gotham City, Metro- polis, Central City, Star City, etc.?- John Slack. A: Gotham and Metro- polis are in the vicinity of New York City, across the bay from each other. Central City is in Ohio, Star City in Connecticut, Midway City in Michi- gan, and Coast City in California.

Q: Who was the writer who invented Green Lantern’s oath?-Bill Christ. A: Although we can’t say for sure, it’s generally acknowledged to science fiction writer and friend of Julie Schwartz, Alfred Bester.


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