Liked on YouTube: The Glitch That Broke America

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The new year of 2000 was the dawn of a new century, a new millennium, and one of the feelings was… relief. An oversight in the way some computers managed dates called Y2K had caused many to think society was going to collapse over a minor date problem. Why were people so receptive to this idea? Who were the most susceptible? And what does this have to do with the American Far Right?

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Special thnaks to Carolyn Gallaher and Amy Cooter for their expertise on the militia movement.

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0:00 Open
2:10 Where I was Right (And Wrong) About Militias
20:34 What was Y2K anyway?
25:01 The Militias Freak Out
28:50 Destroying the World For Jesus
37:17 Our Apocalypse Obsession