Z-Library isn’t really gone, but that maybe up to you.

Millions woke up to news today that Z-Library domains have been seized, cries that z-lib is gone were heard from red core to black sky!… but that’s not really the case so here is what you, a humble datahoarder can do about it.

In case you missed it a unique to z-lib (deduped against LibGen) backup was made and published by u/pilimi_anna a little over a [month ago.]( While you did a [great job]( with SciHub, there’s still work be done to ensure the preservation of all written works and cultural heritage. So here is the 5,998,794 book 27.8TB z-lib archive for you to hold, hoard, preserve, seed and proliferate.

* [Database]( | [Mirror]( ~ (metadata, extensions)
* [Torrents]( | [Mirror]( | [TOR Mirror](http://2urmf2mk2dhmz4km522u4yfy2ynbzkbejf2cvmpcbzhpffvcuksrz6ad.onion/zlib-downloads.html)


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**Alternative Libraries / Free eBook Hosts**

* [OpenLibrary](
* [Library Genesis](
* [PDF Drive](
* [Sci-Hub](
* [Gutenberg](
* [Obooko](
* [ManyBooks](
* [FreeBookSpot](
* [The Anarchist Library ](



Support authors you love.. But abolish the strangle hold of DRM and licensing that kills ownership, seek to squash abuse of the DMCA, move to limit copyright terms and above all aim to ensure Alexandria doesn’t burn twice.


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