Liked on YouTube: Bambu Lab X1 In-Depth Review: Pros and Cons, multiple colors, carbon fiber Nylon, Polycarbonate

00:00 Intro
01:04 Printing calibration cube and Benchy at different speeds
02:16 AMS Multi-color printing
05:02 Easy removal support material test
06:22 Nylon Carbon Fiber and Polycarbonate Carbon Fiber printing
07:28 What cannot be printed fast?
08:28 Pros and Cons
15:28 Conclusions

6/13/2022 Update
The 64GB and 128GB Micro SD cards can actually be used on this printer, but it only supports the FAT32 file system. As Windows 10 can only format external USB larger than 32GB to exFAT, after using Linux (or Mac) to format the Micro SD card to FAT32, both 64GB and 128GB worked fine with the printer.
(I would like to thank Candice from Bambu for clarifying this)

Welcome back to Aurora Tech Channel. Two weeks ago, I made an introduction video for the Bambu Lab X1. It’s a $1000 range 3D printer that is packed with a lot of advanced features that blow every 3D printer between $500-$5000 away. I walked through the features and did some quick tests like the 12-and-a-half minute ABS 3D benchy in the last video, and the results seem quite impressive.

Today, I will do a follow-up video after I spent another 2 weeks with it and did more of test prints with different materials. I will show you what can you expect from this printer, what you can’t expect, and talk about the Pros and Cons. I won’t go over the features again in this video, if you want to watch my last video to learn more about that, please also check out this video:

Bambu Lab X1 Review Part 1:

Bambu Lab Official Website:

Affiliate Link:
The only printer that won’t be blown away may be the refurbished Ender-3, it’s so cheap and it’s still a pretty good choice as of 2022:

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PRILINE Polycarbonate Carbon Fiber Filament:

Overture ABS filament:

Overture TPU filament:

Overture Nylon filament:

Polymaker PA6-CF Carbon Fiber Nylon Filament

Overture PLA filament:

Hatchbox PLA filament:

Creality PLA filament:

3D Models:
Polycarbonate carbon fiber car phone holder (remix from Universal Phone Tripod mount by jakejake)

Universal phone tripod phone mount by jakejake

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