September 15, 2022 at 07:09PM

Social isolation day 916

Beware the ides of September!

Another walk, Another day, a little cooler and keeping an eye out for critters. Sunny and clear, light wind.

#bogsafari report – bald eagle again! Fluffernutter kitty again! I wonder where alien cat is? Caught panda on the porch this morning, just lounging on the ramp. Two cardinals, both either juvenile or female. A bluejay, and only squirrels were on the feeder as I left the house.

#swampwalk- weather was in the low 80sF. Trees maybe showing a hint of coming color change. This morning at 630 or so it was in the upper 60s! Glad we washed the windbreakers and winter coats.

Pearl is spending most of her time with @maximillian_deersteak in her office upstairs, but comes down for food and when her mama ends work for the day. I think she likes the warmer temperatures, and loves her mama, plus the fun of looking out the upstairs windows is a strong draw.

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