Liked on YouTube: Adventures in Wonderland Season 1 Outtakes (Not for kids – VIEWER DISCRETION!)

These have been sitting on my personal youtube account for ten years, and although they have gotten A LOT of views, and probably many of you have seen them, I felt it was finally time to put them on the channel with everything else. With Armelia’s passing, I kept thinking of some of the adorable clips in here that show what a pleasure she must have been to be around. Also, everyone else is so gosh-darn adorable! Of course, I must warn you about the swearing and adult humor: definitely do not watch if it would ruin your childhood. lol Me personally, I find this to be one of the greatest things in existence. There are a few instances of footage jumping, and I apologize for that — something happened while it was being converted from VHS. Anyway, hope everyone is well, and I hope this cheers everyone up a little too.

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