August 30, 2022 at 12:04PM

Social isolation day #900 !

Getting some good walkies in before it gets any hotter outside. Temp says 82⁰F, but I am feeling considerably warmer than that. High humidity. Once I got into the shade, it was far more comfortable.

bog safari report – many loud cicadas, a bundle of squirrels (five or six), a Belgian shepherd getting ready to go for a drive with her human, a fellow pedestrian in a day-glo green ballcap walking a course opposite to my own.

Back doing better, but I am sticking to the most level and stable ground as possible right now. Too much slope or jarring and it is still just too much. Minor incline is difficult enough at the moment.

#swampwalk #bogsafari #walkabout #streamofthought #sisto #sistobrak #naturewalk

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