August 19, 2022 at 02:53PM

Gas Phantom Ethereal Specter of Evil “The Worst” ReAction figure by super7.

Pretty nifty design. For some reason, whenever I see a character like this, especially on tv, I assume the character inside is a woman, with the full bodysuit heavy gloves and hood/goggles disguising more effeminate characteristics. It could also be doing the trick of changing the skin tone of the person.

Note no mouth speaker, so my additional assumption is that most of what the phantom has to say sounds a bit like *mrph rmm mmm frrrm*, unless there is some radio or the like hiding.

Seriously love jumpsuits on characters, good or bad. The evil beekeeper / flame & gas immune / fairly anonymous appearance will let you strap any personality or motive onto them.

This is a decent color scheme, yellow goggles, mint/foam green gloves and boots, and white lab coat/rubberized heavy protection.

Gas t ank on the back connected to pistol reads X-4. I assume gas guns are for knockout, or poison but would also be perfectly at home as a flamethrower, some sort of nifty plasma or sticky glue.

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