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Welcome to the Corporate Casket, a semiweekly series where bad businesses go to die. We will discuss any and everything from bad charities, terrible CEOs, and businesses that have a lot to hide.

Airbnb seems like a perfect, cozy alternative to hotels. They’re supposedly less expensive and more friendly, but they’re being banned in cities across the globe. Over the years, it’s become clear that Airbnbs are contributing to gentrification and the company itself has ignored real harm done to hosts and guests.

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00:00 Intro
02:30 Guests – Cameras
04:45 Guests – Discrimination
06:27 Guests – Legalities
10:32 Guests – Unsafe
13:00 Host – Not Allowed
15:40 Host – Harm to Hosts
18:16 Ads
20:40 Fallout
26:51 Outro

Liked on YouTube: My New Favourite Figure – Airfix Action Stars | Ashens

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Plasty Airfix may sound like a character from Star Wars, but it’s a company that made the most wonderful action figures. With rubber trousers!

But the best isn’t the sheriff, or the water police, or candyman / road worker, or even Batman – it’s the most villainous villain to have ever villained, DR WAR!

UK comedy references: Dr War without his helmet looks a bit like Kryten from Red Dwarf, and Batman looks more like Del Boy dressed up in Only Fools and Horses!

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Airfix Eagles

Liked on YouTube: Seeking Peace in a Flawed World

How do we think about our own peace or comfort in a world with suffering and injustice? How do we respect the biological imperative that we need rest and respite? How do we continue to love a world that doesn’t always love us back? How much action for good is enough? How do we differentiate rest and surrender?
I don’t have all the answers, but I’m here to offer my thoughts in the hopes that they will be a comfort to you. Whatever we do, whatever we choose, it will be messy and imperfect because we are complex, natural creatures and we reflect the world that created us. And yet, we deserve love and peace and joy and rest.