Liked on YouTube: CrafsMan at MakerFaire Long Island 2022

CrafsMan creates YouTube videos on a variety of topics and techniques, Crafting and entertainment mixed with generous heapings of genuine positivity.

Like ‘Frog and Toad’, Volt and CrafsMan are friends.

CrafsMan is kinda shy, he likes to keep his identity a secret. Volt asked his Makers to figure out a way to get CrafsMan “out there in the world” whilst maintaining his anonymity . Chris and Ray were only too happy to oblige. They brainstormed for a spell and conjured up a solution – a telepresence robot. They tinkered in TinkerCAD and 3D printed the innards, and, with the help of Grandma (“The Seamstress” ), they brought forth the “TeleCrafsMan”.

It was a great “Pandemic Project” – it kept all three of them “busy and outta trouble” as Grandpa put it.

The “TeleCrafsMan Mark 1” prototype made his successful debut at MakerFaire Long island on June 11, 2022. Things went alright, but there were a few technical hiccups. Moments prior to his unveiling, Ray noticed an issue with one of his servos. They decided to unplug two of them, just to be on the safe side. That limited his “upper torso mojo” They also limited his mouth travel so as not to put too much of a strain on his jaw mechanism.

In this video, he is far less “active” than he will be in the future. The sound system also wasn’t ideal… But he still entertained the crowd, and made for a great day.

We will post a video of some of his casual “met and greets” and another which goes though his build. Then a third (once we are ready) that unveils his new “more polished” version.

We cannot thank CrafsMan enough for this collaboration. It was such a pleasure to work with him, and we deeply treasure our friendship.

We hope you enjoy this video and hope to be able to bring the TeleCrafsMan to future events that The CrafsMan wishes to attend.
There will be a few “neat” modifications, including, but not limited to…”Mobility”. and MAYBE a flamethrower… We’ll keep ya posted.

Be Well.

-Volt and Fam

ps – The music in this here video was lovingly crafted by CrafsMan.

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