Liked on YouTube: STAR TREK Logical Thinking #39 – Argumentum Ad Misericordiam (Appeal to Pity)

Educational PSA where Mister Spock corrects some crewmembers after overhearing them employing a logical fallacy in their discussions.
Had NBC decided to teach principles of sound reasoning in the mid-1970’s they could do no better than to have the logical Mister Spock do the teaching. As an addition to the the two-dozen or so Public Service Announcements I created featuring the animated crew of the Starship Enterprise, I have created a new series of PSAs featuring Mr. Spock called “Logical Thinking.” Using the Vulcan science officer to educate them in proper reasoning is “Only Logical” as he states at the end of each PSA.
Done in the style of Filmation’s 1973-75 Animated STAR TREK series.

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