March 30, 2022 at 02:34PM

Sisto, Harold and new friend Pepe D’varteryx enjoy a night on the bay.

Social isolation day #747

Last night I made salad with mixed greens, microgreens, veggie chik’n nugs, olives and goat cheese, with poppy seed dressing. It was pretty dang tasty. Tonight, simpler fare, (frozen pizza) because grocery delivered to us, and making crust is more of a weekend activity.
Sometimes it is simpler to toss stuff into the oven at 400⁰F for 17 minutes.
I will probably put some leftover olives and jalapeno on one of the pre made cheese pies, just for the heck of it. Last weekend we put taco “meat” and sauce on home made crust … holy cow that was good.

Cold as the Devil’s seed yesterday, but today is a better one in the mid 50s F.

We have the disney channel again, since we discovered it was included with the package we already have. Still haven’t seen the new boba fett show, but we did see being red, so lovely. Pixar, you guys seldom cease to amaze me (except cars 2. Wtf, cars2 ?) I was surprised to enjoy welcome to flatch, as I expected it to be super trash, but it has a certain charm. Also have been snatching old episodes of Banacek from Cozi TV onto the DVR.

Replacement dishwasher scheduled to arrive tomorrow… we have been without since a bit before Thanksgiving, supply chain issues and other pokey elements have held it up until now. Wish us luck that it plugs in ok!

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