March 22, 2022 at 12:40PM

Social isolation day #739

Bog safari report –

Saw little miss Katniss on the neighbor’s window, and cooed to her for a few moments, but she had no interest in me, but preferred to watch the squirrels and birds outside. I think that look was “hit the road, beardy… your are interrupting my food tv”

So, I toddled onward, happy to see some bumblebees and springtime daffodils had already started to go about being the local scenery. Aside from Katniss cat, I spotted a number of fuzzy bumblebees, a few squirrels, a male cardinal , a few song sparrows and something large high up, likely a turkey vulture. No sign of the bald eagle or any water critters.

Most noticed was a great number of heavy fallen branches and sideways trees… those winds last nigh must’ve been stronger than I thought. I was surprised that I couldn’t hear any peeper-frogs, but maybe later this evening. Plenty of chirpy birds and the occasional woodpecker percussion kept things from being very quiet.

Sisto, Harold and I noticed that the redbuds are sprouting, as are the cherry and pear trees. It’s a pity those decorative trees don’t have fruit, or maybe it is a good thing. Can’t have a bunch of sloppy drunk deer and birds wobbling all over the place.

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