March 16, 2022 at 12:54PM

This Warlords of Wor Biohazard Trooper looks like me going out for a swampwalk. I love that the alternate heads include a full-face respirator, in case more humans cross my path. Kudos to them for making another grey bearded noggin!

Pay no attention to my fuscia Fisto-Stabby gun with optional tonfa and mechano-claw. That is just to take the place of my walking stick. (And fend off villains)

The clawbber sculpt is high on my list of faves, up there with the Chaos Dwarf, Bog-nar and wrestler guys from spy monkey

Biohazard Trooper included –

ONE Complete Figure
3 Bonus Heads
Armor Overlay
2 Mechanical Gauntlet Attachments
Mechanical Fist
Mechanical Claw
2 Switch Pins

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