Liked on YouTube: The key to better D&D? Roll less.

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0:00 Intro
1:35 You’re rolling too much!
1:57 What do the books say?
2:59 My handy-dandy flowchart
5:00 Is it even possible?
6:10 Is failure plausible?
9:22 What are the consequences?
10:32 Are you ready to do that, though?
12:03 …but make sure it’s fun.
13:11 The Flowchart

It may seem counterintuitive, considering that Dungeons & Dragons is a dice game, but… you’re rolling too much! Today we talk about how Dungeon Masters calling for fewer dice rolls can result in a better D&D game. DMs, what do you think? Are you calling for too many ability checks in your tabletop roleplaying games?

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