Liked on YouTube: Roky Erickson – Bermuda, original 45

This record, released in 1977, comes from the period of time just after Roky’s release from the Texas mental institution. The demons he suffered from as a result of the inhumane treatment there were expressed in a series of recordings that were done at several studios, notably The Church studio in Marin County, California, by producer Bill Steele.

I had the good fortune to be in that studio for a short time when Roky was in session, brought there by a friend who worked there and knew of my interest in his music. My friend also gave me this record as well as the Sponge EP, which contains four tracks familiar to all Roky Erickson fans, which I will post in good time.

See my other posting for the other side of this record (“The Interpreter”).

Please visit Roky’s official site here:

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