March 12, 2022 at 02:08AM

Quarentine day 730 or Year three of covid social distancing for us begins today.

Also marks the start of third year of going down the glyos rabbit hole. I quite like virtually all of the different sculpts, colorways and styles of each set, though I have a very strong fondness for the humanoid #battletribes from #spymonkeycreations
And #manormonsterstudios #warlordsofwor. That said, of course I love tiny robots / aliens / vehicles / freaky chimera-beasts for which the mix and match nature of modular toys allow.

Two years ago today, I posted this little guy – “Tiny red r2-d2 (or closer to r2-r9 astromech for super nerds) made with #onelldesign #glyos #hubsetbeta #droid ”

These little bits of PVC plastic have made the pandemic a bit more tolerable. I’ve interacted with some really swell folks online as a result, and picked up a few new skills, too.

#r2d2 #r2r9 #modulartoys #toyphotography #toystagram #streamofthought

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