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This is a video about all my Star Wars Mission Fleet figures.

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Turns out Animal Crossing is better suited for Adults rather than children…


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This clip is one of a series of Animal Crossing funny moments that I post regularly on this Animal Crossing channel. These ACNH gameplay videos are primarily gathered using the Nintendo Switch in-game video capture feature or a capture card. If you have any questions though, feel free to leave a comment!

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Liked on YouTube: Oldies playing on the train but you are in a dream | 8D Dreamscape (train journey) 3 HOURS ASMR v.2

Oldies playing on the train but you are in a dream | 8D Dreamscape (train journey) 3 HOURS ASMR v.2 – Best if you listen with your 🎧


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You are listening to a new and very nice effect of old fashioned music, oldies as we like calling them, (music from 20’s, 30’s, 40’s) and it is sounding like it is coming from another room with relaxing rain and thunder sounds.I hope you guys enjoy the another room effect to oldies songs – this unique combination between oldies music with relaxing rain sounds, or thunder sound effects w/ cars passing by, waves and so on but this time it is on the train but you are in a dream. In the dream state moments the music will spin around you with an 8D effect. Enjoy this 3 HOURS Dreamscape of ASMR bliss!

Audio Mixing/Engineering and Visual Editing by: Nemo’s Dreamscapes
Animation ZZZ, oldie effects, made loop and editing by: Nemo’s Dreamscapes

Credit Background video behind windows:

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This works best for – sleeping – studying – vibing – chilling – relaxation – backgrounds – visualisation! oldies playing in another room but it’s raining! no thunders
Oldies playing in another room but you are in a dream

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