March 01, 2022 at 02:09PM

Swamp walk social isolation day 718

Got to do a little jaunt with @maximillian_deersteak today on lunch hour.

Bog safari count – one window cow – kitty (D&T’s house upstairs), three outdoor humans (including D walking home), one outdoor kitty Alien Cat, one noisy squirrel. Onle heard, not seen was at one woodpecker, and a few songbirds. I think I identified some sort of warbler or song sparrow.

Trees are bare as sticks, and the water has a lot of movement, either fish, frogs, turtles or some mix. One of the trees was making quite a creaky sound as we walked past, it may come down in the next major wind.

Soon, we will begin our third year of staying safe and staying at a healthy space away from most indoor activities outside the home. (March 12, 2020 was our last time without masks or going out to eat)

Talked to Aunt Val last night for a little bit, caught up with a decade or two of family history. I want to get back into the habit of talking with the gang there on the regular, as it had been far too long. They have dealt with so much during the last year, so many funerals. When they went to my cousin’s memorial, somehow she got Covid despite being properly vaccinated, distanced and masked. She went through a hell of a time and I am glad that the vaccine made it so it was at least a bit easier on her than without it. That side of the family has laid to rest 14 people in the last year, due in no small part to COVID, so if you are some sort of denier, please don’t talk to me about it. We are rapidly approaching a million dead from it, and who knows how many of those could have been prevented if folks would just take the most basic precautions?

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