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Welcome to the Land of Enchantment. It is the year 2285, and the world has changed. Every choice made will revolutionize the future for better or worse. Built on the Classic and Legendary Fallout: New Vegas engine, this Free full on RPG based Modification brings you a brand new Fallout experience.

Everything shown in this footage is bound to change, and is considered final until the full modification game is released.

– New Fallout Based Game(Start a New Game from the Main Menu
– Join Multiple New Factions, All Fully Fleshed Out to Make Sense
– 3+ Unique Companions with a Revamped Companion and Affinity system
– A Heavily Focused RPG Experience Inspired by the Classic Games(Fallout 1 & Fallout 2)
– Travel to various States and Locations
– Various New Activities
Much More To Be Revealed

Check Out T0nik’s Video For More Info On The Mod!

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Video Credits:
Director – ZapShock
Intro Narrator & VA – Bishop
Video Rendering & Support- T0nik

Project Team Credits:
Project Leaders:
(Project Lead)

(Lead Designer)

Project Lead Outfit Designer:
Mr. Convict
(Oufit Designer)

Project Legion Lore & Info Supporter:
(Legion Lore Designer)

A Special Thanks to All of You!
Best Team to Be a Part of! You’ve all worked hard, we are a small team but have shown that passion and motivation can really keep something great going!

Project Contributers:
All Modders who have allowed us to use their assets, who have made this project a dream come true, who have helped through various ways, tutorials or who have answered any questions we might have had trouble answering.

A special thanks to those have also allowed their 3D Models to be used on free projects like this. Your models have kept this project looking good, and we could have never made it look as good without your free uploaded work!

Thank you!

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