February 20, 2022 at 12:42PM

What was your first “official, over the table” job?

My first gig that had an offical paycheck was circa October 1985 with high school pals at the Boynton Beach Mall’s Taco Viva. I think Steve and Kevin are the only people that remain on my radar from that time. (The others are either extremely opposed to my beliefs, deceased, or both.)

I am glad that I got the gig at the Boynton Beach Library soon after, because working in food service was really not my thing. Minimum wage in Florida back then was $3.35 an hour ($9.47 in today’s dollars) , and my only financial worries were going to the movies, dining out, keeping the car full of gas, insured, and maintained. The benefits of working at Taco Viva were cooling off in the walk in freezer, goofing in the mall with friends after hours, and my first paid experience as a clown (handing helium balloons out to kids at the grand opening, very basic balloon animals and hats)

I still say “hot soup” when trying to clear a path while encumbered, and think of hot sauce in terms of mild to “el scorcho”.

From the web page -” The first Taco Viva opened February of 1968 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mexican food was new to this area and Taco Viva was on a mission to introduce it to the masses.

Over many years with the help of a lot of great employees and customers it grew to over 85 locations in 11 states. In 1989 it was sold to Miami Subs who converted many of locations into Miami Subs and later sold the remaining Taco Viva locations to another company. The last location that we are aware of closed in 2005. ”

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