Liked on YouTube: CABVIEW: Stormy winter conditions on the mountain pass (Bergen Line, Norway)

Stormy winter conditions on the mountain pass this day for the Regional Train between Bergen and Oslo. The trains on the Bergen Line travers one of the most inhospitable winter environments in Norway. The weather can go from pure sunshine to deadly winter storm in matter of minutes. The roads and air traffic usually stop long before the Railway is deemed too dangerous. This is thanks to the awesome people working day and night to keep the line open under these treacherous conditions.

For me the trip starts at Voss operating the train over the mountain pass to Ål in Hallingdal where another driver takes over.

0:00:00 Voss – Gjerdåker
0:04:10 Gjerdåker – Ygre (snow starts to stick Ygre station 168m above sea level)
0:06:02 Gjerdåker – Kløve
0:08:41 Kløve – Urdland
0:12:46 Urdland – Øyeflaten
0:14:31 Øyflaten – Skiple (Tracks are now almost covered with snow)
0:17:22 Skiple – Reimegrend (Tracks are now completely covered with snow)
0:20:00 Reimegrend – Mjølfjell (Looks like flying over carpet of snow and the plow starts to take)
— Start of mountain pass—
0:27:15 Mjølfjell – Ljosanbotn (Mjølfjell marks the start of the mountain pass. Plow tosses snow)
0:30:54 Ljosanbotn – Ørneberget (Headlights starts to get bad because they’re covered with snow)
0:32:53 Ørneberget – Vieren (lots of snow and we’re about 700m above sea level)
0:35:01 Vieren – Upsete (now the plow really starts to toss snow around)
0:37:00 Upsete – Myrdal (getting harder to see)
0:41:08 Myrdal – Hallingskeid (Very windy and snow starts to come over the front blinding us)
0:54:54 Hallingskeid – Finse (headlights almost useless, snow constantly coming over the front)
1:05:27 Finse – Haugastøl (Finse was the filming location for Hoth in Star Wars: Empire strikes back)
1:25:22 Haugastøl – Ustaoset (The sun is not big, it’s the light that is reflecting on the ice crystals)
1:34:31 Ustaoset – Geilo (some EXTREME drift hitting snow plow action exiting Ustaoset)
— end of mountain pass —
1:43:52 Geilo – Ål (safe and sound down from the mountain pass)

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Bergen Line, Norway
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