DC and JC are harming people with their beliefs

Devastated to learn a friend that is a teacher of math at a private school and mostly left-leaning has fallen hook line, and sinker for the anti-vax movement lead by RFK Jr. Both he and his wife have always been susceptible to nonsense of that sort, and I fear that he s suffering in no small part from being in an information bubble. I would only be saddened if it were just them, but seeing as he teaches hundreds of high school kids in person.

Vaccine deniers aren’t just a problem by the uneducated or MAGA crowd. They are a part of it, but there are folks like over the political and social spectrum who are problematic as we enter our third year of dealing with this situation, and I want to know what we can do differently to handle those who are actively acting to hurt the rest of our population.

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