Christmas haul 2021

Sark doll
WWII superhero cartoon DVD

Nice card from bro
letter from DC and JCGift card for Chesapeake’s Bounty (local farm grocery)
Moose munch
Partners boardgame
KawfeeChoc covered Oreos
Choc covered pretzels
Bourbon pecansBurger time tiny arcade!
Kolchak vs zuni sticker
Animal crossing hello kitty amiibo cards
Spinch switch game
Mega construx motu roton vs battle cat
Mystic market boardgame
Big brain academy switch
Pourable silicone rubber for molds
New battery 2pack

Homemade Stuffed mothman
Bigfoot under glass
Hand Knitted Afghan, and pattern!
Lubbers lens disappearing lens!Kolchak tshirt
Amazon gift cart
Special dark candy bar

Nex illumi led light strip

Pikmin 3 switch
Turnip boy commits tax evasion for switch
Mix and pour liquid plastic
Nosferatu 8″ action figure
Bear Water bottle
Power works  wx240L screwdriver

Liked on YouTube: Peanuts Gang Singing “The Fountain Of Lamneth” by: Rush


Happy Holidays to you all! Since I did a Peanuts Parody for you guys last Christmas, I thought it would be only fair to give you one for this holiday season. I’ve done many different Rush songs from a good handful of their albums. But, I have never done a Peanuts Parody of a song from the album, “Caress of Steel” (1975). So, I thought to myself: “why not do this one?” I had a feeling that I would make a parody of “The Fountain Of Lamneth” at some point. I figured, what better song to do first from that album? To be honest, I think it’s one of the best Peanuts Parodies I ever made, so far. For a long time, I’ve been putting this one off, knowing how intricate this song is. As most of you know, the most challenging Peanuts Parody I ever made was “2112” by Rush. But, I have to say this though, doing “The Fountain Of Lamneth” was actually almost even more difficult to do in some aspects. How about that! However, at the end of the day, it was all worth it. Like I always say: “it’s not the length of a video that makes it a challenge, it’s the aesthetics.” That being said, all that work paid off, in my opinion. The video turned out to be fantastic, much better than I thought it would be! Any way, consider this Peanuts Parody my Christmas gift to you. Once again, I truly appreciate the love and support from you, my friends and fans. It means the world to me like you wouldn’t believe, all of you guys rock. Happy Holidays!


0:22 “In the Valley”
4:40 “Didacts and Narpets”
5:41 “No One at the Bridge”
10:00 “Panacea”
13:16 “Bacchus Plateau”
16:32 “The Fountain”

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s another Peanuts music parody. This time they play “The Fountain Of Lamneth” by Rush! Once again I used Final Cut Pro (AVAILABLE ONLY ON MAC COMPUTERS), to create this video. Hope you all enjoy it! If you have any song suggestions, or cartoons you wish for me to use with any songs, please leave a comment, and subscribe…..