October 26, 2021 at 04:57PM

Social isolation day 592

Pleasantly mild at midday, about 64°F, cooler in the shade.

#bogsafari report – I saw Khemtrailz the cat again, and a boatload of crows (or ravens?), a large egret , a couple of squirrels, but no other birds or groundlings of note. No bugs, and most humans core inside of vehicles so it was hard to tell if they had masks on or not. Autumn is slowly arriving and leaves are turning yellow and gold with a little bit of red here and there. I’m guessing leaves will be off in the next couple of weeks, so the remaining green will be brown soon enough.

The pictures after Sistos report show a considerable amount left to turn and drop.

#swampwalk #sisto #sistobrak #gormiti #glyos #spymonkeycreations #walkabout

https://bit.ly/3pJBqa6 https://bit.ly/3jG0tqF https://instagr.am/p/CVgYxd7J62T/

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